Our Vision For 'Emmote'

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The fate of the world is on our childrens hands"This is our Dream"

Our vision is to take our ‘Emotional Make-Over Technique’ to the world, to be used as an alternative tool by Psychologists and Counselors, Hypnotherapists, Spiritual Healers , Teachers and other Health Professionals who work with wounded children or disenfranchised people.

We see it used in Psychiatric Hospitals and Reform Schools and Prisons to aid rehabilitation, where it will become an essential part of helping people to heal their emotional wounds so they can have the life they deserve, free from pain and anger and depression.

As antidepressants are used to try to take away the misery of depression, as antibiotics are used to fight infection, the ‘Emmote’ process will be used to help heal people’s damaged emotions without the necessity for mind numbing drugs.

We want ‘Emmote’ to speak to the millions of people around the world who feel hopeless, abandoned, broken, depressed or loaded down with stress and illness. This is our dream. This has been our dream since we started the journey to heal our own emotional wounds fifteen years ago.

We wish all of you reading this the strength to start your own journey into your emotional recovery and the courage and determination to keep going, step by step, one belief at a time.

Our hearts and hopes will be with you each step of the way. Peace and blessings.


Annie Moyes, Barbara French, Ruth  French
Beyond Belief Personal Development - 2013

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