How Do We Get Eating Disorders?

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How Do We Get Eating Disorders?

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"You Must Eat Everything On Your Plate"

"Or you won't get desert". This age-old threat does much to force children to overeat, or come to hate certain foods.

From the day we’re born, we are fed what we need to survive or we wouldn’t be here now. What we are fed is entirely at the discretion of our parents. If our parents were raised on good healthy food, it is likely that they will give us good, healthy food. If our parents were given food that contained lots of fats and sugars it’s likely that they will feed us the same.

'As young children we have to eat what we are told or given'

Yes we can spit it out, yes we can refuse, but mostly we eat what are given or we go hungry. Depending on our culture, we will be given anything from raw fish and rice to deep fried battered fish, with a side serve of fried chips, and although the thought of raw fish would make a lot of us feel like vomiting, the children bought up on raw fish by and large enjoy their food as those of us raised on fried fish and chips!

A young child has millions of freshly minted taste-buds that are super-sensitive to all new tasting food. Obviously after the blandness of breast milk or formula any introduced food will be a revelation to their taste-buds. Given that children prefer sweet to sour, they will choose ice-cream over Brussels sprouts any time.

"It's easy for children to quickly become addicted to sugar and fat!"

Food addictions and aversions start early and once programmed into our subconscious are extremely difficult to break. It doesn’t take much to fill a small child's stomach so why do we insist they eat more than they need?  We push piles of food at children and if they can’t eat it we threaten them with no dessert. Presented with that choice children will force food down whether they want it or not.

"Children get a lot of negative beliefs about food from an early age!"

When food becomes a game we threaten our children with, it has a huge impact on their beliefs about food in their adult lives.

With the massive increase in Anorexia and Bulimia and Obesity throughout the world, surely something has gone terribly wrong with society’s attitude towards food?  The media pushes our young girls to be thin and food has become the enemy for a lot of them.

Fast food conglomerates push high carb and fat food and in the same set of TV ads we see skinny girls pretending to eat Domino’s Pizza, or feigning that a Kentucky fried chicken leg is her favourite choice of dinner. How confusing is that for most kids?

Now if children are even a little overweight they are teased and bullied, belittled and laughed at.

Once on this treadmill they begin to feel emotionally empty and mistaking this emptiness for hunger, begin to ‘comfort eat’. One of my client’s five-year-old daughter who was called 'fat' at school now has beliefs that she is fat and that she has to be thin! Thank goodness Mum knows how to help her daughter eliminate these beliefs before they become part of the belief system she grows up with!

This is a double-edged sword. When children are ostracised they often turn to food when they are excluded. Food is easy to get and in plentiful supply in most countries, and excluded children will either binge on food or refuse it to try to fit in with the crowd. These children will take on negative beliefs about being excluded, bullied, different and not belonging.

They will begin to hate their bodies and themselves.

They will judge themselves as fat and ugly, worthless and useless and stupid and will spend the rest of their lives struggling with weight and self-esteem issues.

The diet roundabout is just another way for the manufacturers of ‘health and diet plans’, the inventors of diet fads and pills, the magazine industry that pushes anorexia and bulimia as a way of being, and cosmetic surgeons who are all making billions out of selling us and telling us that we are not worthy unless we are thin and wrinkle free.Removing negative beliefs about our appearance and food rebuilds self-esteem and self-confidence and the feelings of emptiness and exclusion disappear.

"No weight-loss programme can do what removing negative beliefs can do!"

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