Becoming Real & Growing Up

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Becoming Real & Growing Up

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“This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man” Will Shakespeare;

Active awareness is being aware of what is happening to us ‘as its happening’. This can include recognising the ‘voice over’ of our ‘negative beliefs’ as it’s happening or being aware that our buttons have been pushed and that we are feeling angry, embarrassed, humiliated, etc. right now!

Some of these feelings can be huge and make us feel out of control, others might be just a vague sensation of uneasiness of nervousness when confronting a situation that might be out of our comfort zone.

Paying attention to these physical reactions and listening to the ‘voice’ that accompanies them, alerts us to patterns and statements that are not the real ‘us’. It also alerts us that some feelings are so ingrained in us that we act on them reflexively; that is we do or say things on impulse without ever thinking about the consequences.

Like automatically saying “Ask your Dad” when our child asks us for something we don’t want to refuse them in case they blame us for upsetting them.

Becoming actively aware of our feelings enables us to ‘take responsibility’ for the way we are feeling and not get (too) caught up in the emotion and lose control.

Becoming actively aware helps us say goodbye to self-delusion: Many of us fool ourselves into believing that the course we have chosen in life is right for us. Such self deception is impossible when we use active awareness combined with removing our negative beliefs.

Do we live our lifestyle because everyone else admires and respects us for it? Do we wear the latest fashion to get attention and acceptance?

When we remove our ‘false self’ we might find out that we are not the party animal or the loner we believed ourselves to be.

When we remove our ‘negative beliefs’ we might discover we have a hidden talent that we had long suppressed for fear of failure that now has permission to come out and play. You might end up famous or well respected, or just downright interesting and lovable.

When we are actively aware we might discover that the people we hang out with, that we believed we liked and belonged with, are not really the people who applaud our new awareness, in fact may want to keep us stuck repeating the past.

More importantly we may find out that with each negative belief we remove, that we are not the person we believed we were last year, last week or even yesterday!

If you would like to find out more about becoming more actively aware and how to remove your negative beliefs,  you can contact us through our contacts page for a FREE ONE HOUR Skype session.

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