What Are Negative Beliefs?

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What Are Negative Beliefs?

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So What Is A Negative Belief?

In all the Thesaurus and Dictionaries we have researched for our work, we couldn't find one that offers the word 'TRUTH' in any connection to the word 'BELIEF'. Why is it important that we understand that BELIEFS are not the truth and are not real? Because it is these beliefs that continue to run our lives as adults!

Here are some common expressions used to express belief/disbelief: ”I believe that….”, “I can’t believe it!”, “I don’t believe it!”, “Can you believe it?”, “You’ll never believe it!”, “You won’t believe what I heard-read-did!, “It’s hard to believe!” Beliefs seem to be a conspiracy between the mind and the emotions, that intend to help us make sense of what we are experiencing. Until we can understand the difference between beliefs and reality we live in a state of irrational and illogical thinking and feelings,as children do.

You can have positive beliefs and you can have negative beliefs. Ideally , having no beliefs is preferable but at least positive beliefs - or wishful thinking, (like winning the lottery, or finding the perfect partner) can help us through a bad patch.

Our boyfriend dumps us and we wail "I can't believe that he would want to hurt me like that!” - this is disbelief. Take off the "I can't believe" part and we’re left with the reality; "He wanted to hurt me like that!". That's the truth!. We don't want to accept it, or face it, or deal with it, but we must.

It’s also not ‘hard to believe’ that if you listen carefully to what people say, they will tell you their beliefs because they say things like; “It is my belief that….”, I’ve always believed in…..”, “I believe that….”. Listen to yourself and see how many times you make these statements. 

The next time you have a conversation with someone see if you can count how many times they say the word belief or I believe. In fact, pay attention to how many times you repeat these words. Listen to how many times the word belief or believed is used on TV, in movies, and is written in books.

Our 'Emmote'  process removes the  negative beliefs that we ‘believed’ to be true before we could understand the consequences, so that we can see what is really true for us and be really true to ourselves. If you would like a FREE ONE-HOUR Skype or One-On-One session, just go to our Contacts Page and send us a message.  You have nothing to lose but your negative beliefs.


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And because we teach you how to use the ‘Emmote’ process we empower you with the knowledge and tools to help yourself whenever anything negative comes up for you.

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  1. I agree that happiness is different things to different people, this describes me and my wife perfectly!

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