Our Brain-A Belief Making Machine

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Our Brain-A Belief Making Machine

 I never cease being dumbfounded by the unbelievable things people believe. Leo Rosten”

I have done much study and research on how our beliefs affect our happiness and how brain/mind  works over the past seventeen years.

I spent the previous twenty years looking for ways to overcome my ‘issues’, when at my wit’s end I chanced on the  ‘Negative Beliefs’. Just hearing those two words was THE light-bulb moment I’d been looking for all those years. My sixth sense – or intuition – screamed THIS IS IT!  And IT was!

I spent the next ten years studying Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Counselling along with many alternative methodologies, but realised although it’s great to know about ‘negative beliefs’ and how much hold they have over us, how do we get rid of them?

Many experts tell us “You can’t get rid of hard-wired beliefs”, but being skeptical of people who tell me I can’t do something, I decided to find a way that could.

I bought several books about ‘beliefs‘ and the impact they have on our lives and happiness. Most of them suggested positive affirmations to change them or CBT  to ‘talk ourselves out of them’, but after years of using these techniques, they didn’t seem to work permanently.

I still felt unhappy and lonely and made stupid mistakes! And was totally sick and tired of nothing changing. And having to keep doing them over and over, grew annoying, tiring and too frustrating!  So I set about finding a method that would work permanently for me.

In 1995  I discovered the  ‘Emmote Process’ and after using it for some time realised that it actually did eliminate my hard wired negative beliefs – permanently, what a relief! The happiness I had been missing for so long started to return for greater periods of time. So much for expert opinions! Well some expert once posited that the ‘world was flat’ and that ‘women had smaller brains than men’, which is why they were less intelligent!

During my study and research I learned how the brain stores our thoughts and feeling exactly as they happen, without discernment, just like putting programmes into a computer. And that many of the most eminent Neuroscientists today agree that our brain is a ‘belief making machine’.

I learned how, until we’re around eight years old,  we believe anything we’re told to be true.

I learned how our ‘beliefs’ become mechanical thinking and how they unconsciously control our lives and keep us locked into self-repeating, self – defeating, self-destructive habits and patterns, depression, anxiety, addictions and poverty.

Ten years ago we opened our business – Beyond-Belief Personal Developmentand since then have worked with hundreds of people whose lives have been (like ours) profoundly changed by eliminating their negative thoughts and feelings. And we’ve never looked back.

If you’d like to know more about how to eliminate the ‘negative beliefs’ holding you back from having the life you deserve, if you would like to experience genuine happiness and contentment and peace of mind, hop over to our Contacts Page and message us for your FREE ONE HOUR Skype or one-on-one session.


Our 100% Guarantee!

Our ‘Emmote’ process works deep at cellular level by totally eliminating the ‘negative thoughts and feelings’ that create a ‘negative belief’. It also severs the hardwired synapses in our brain between the thought and the feelings, eliminating them. Completely! Permanently!

Your negative thoughts can no longer ‘trigger’ the feelings because they are no longer there! Enabling you to move forward into your new, more positive life.

And because we teach you how to use the ‘Emmote’ process we empower you with the knowledge and tools to help yourself whenever anything negative comes up for you in the future.  

Our ‘Emmote’ process is so powerfully life changing we 100% Guarantee it. (conditions apply)


100% Guarantee



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