Playing The 'Game Of Life'

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Playing The 'Game Of Life'

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How Do We Play The ‘Game Of Life’?

As young children we unconsciously observe our family and the way they respond to us and each other. We soon learn that each member of the family expects a different thing of us and tries to mould us into what they want us to be.

We learn what Mum, Dad, sister, brother etc, like and don’t like about us and we, adaptable as chameleons, reflexively change our persona to suit the expectations of each person so they will like us and give us what we need.

Not only are we able to change our personality, we also learn from our family to fear, dislike, love, and manipulate our environment and the people within it in order to survive.

More introverted (passive) personalities - in order ‘to keep the peace’ - come to believe we have to go with flow, not rock the boat, take it as it comes, keep to ourselves, make light of it, take things seriously, be like them, blend in with the crowd, don’t make a fuss, do everything perfectly, do everything ourselves, don’t complain, wear the ‘in thing’, don’t make a fool of ourselves, don’t talk back, keep quiet, don’t provoke them and do as we are told.

More extroverted (forceful) personalities - in order to get the attention they crave - believe we must perform,  must be ‘out-there’, over-the-top, leader of the pack, not take things too seriously, exhibitionists, crowd- pleasers, sales reps, party organisers, attention-seekers, ‘different’, wear attention grabbing clothes, leaders, stand out from the crowd, wilful  opinionated, self-centred, controlling, demanding, aggressive, and hate doing as we're told.

All these behaviours are part of the personality we have unconsciously invented for ourselves based on the story of our life we imagined, and then believed to be true. And what roles we were ‘expected’ to, and came to play, in our family and later in the world. Throughout our life we became impostors, actors, frauds, fakes and pretenders. Some of us should have won Oscars for our brilliant performances.

We learned to live our lives playing the roles we invented  to get what we believed we needed to survive. As adults most of us are aware we are doing this yet still persist in keeping up the pretense because we fear that the person we believe they are might not be as good as the actor they have become!  Some of us are so good at acting, we truly believe that this is who we are and that few people will ever ‘see through our charade’, but most of us are so transparent that we can be seen coming from miles away!

Removing your negative beliefs helps to strip away the ‘invented you’. Can you imagine it?  Actually being YOU! Not having to ‘play the game’ any more, being true to yourself and others and becoming self-determined and real?  If you would like to know more about how we unconsciously learn to play games hop over to our Contacts Page to receive your FREE ONE-HOUR Skype or One-On-One session. We will get back to you.


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