‘Never Take Money From Strangers’

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‘Never Take Money From Strangers’

Did your parents warn you to never to take money  from strangers?

Here’s my story of this warning. When I was six we lived in a small village in England. One morning I was walking to school through a small wood alone because my brother was sick. On the way I was approached by a nice man who chatted to me and walked me to school. He was there again when I came out of school and offered me sixpence and sweeties to go for a walk with him.

Yep – I went, who wouldn’t, what six year old doesn’t love sweets and money to spend on sweets?

Anyway, off we went into the woods and as he was getting down to ‘business’ a large pig came hurtling through the woods towards us, followed in hot pursuit by the local farmer who owned her. At this the ‘nice man’ who gave me sweeties pulled up his pants and went running off. Which I thought was strange because I was totally unaware of what his intentions were. Lucky for me eh!

The farmer saw me lying on the ground and forgetting about his prized sow came running over to me.

He picked me up and beside himself with anger asked what the ‘bad man’ had done to me, carried me home and told my parents what he had witnessed. Then all hell broke loose. I remember several police arriving along with a doctor who examined me and found I was still intact and alright. Up to this point I was fine because nothing serious had happened to me and I was getting a lot of attention which was cool!

I only started getting really scared when my parents began yelling at me “Annie, you must not talk or go anywhere with strangers” and ‘Most of all never, ever, take or accept money or sweets from strangers/anybody unless you know them” and Mum added bitterly, “Men only want girls for sex and might hurt you to get it”.

And because I was only six, I believed every word they said.

Of course I did, because everything we’re told when we are children is filed away in our subconscious memory bank as ‘the absolute truth‘! Think about it. If I believed I should never, ever take money from strangers, then how would this albeit wise advice play out for me in my life?

I wondered for years why I hadn’t become as successful as I should have, given that I worked hard and had successful businesses.

I knew there were some negative beliefs about money that I still hadn’t eliminated and that were holding me back, but it took me retelling the story of ‘The Pig That Saved My Bacon’ that triggered me to look for the negative beliefs attached to this incident!

In this new world where millions of businesses rely on the internet to make sales, having beliefs like ‘I can’t accept or take money from strangers’ is a huge unconscious emotional block to becoming rich because virtually everybody you deal with is a stranger.

So if your parents told you a similar thing to protect you from being hurt or worse, once you’re grown up you must remove those beliefs or you’ll never attract the money and success you desire and perhaps like me, always find it hard to trust and believe men!

If you think you might have “I must not take money from strangers” beliefs, or “I can’t trust men” “Men only want me for sex” beliefs, message me for a FREE ONE HOUR Skype or One-On-One session.

Or you can buy a copy of my eBook ‘Wealth Beyond Belief’ which contains all these and many other common ‘negative beliefs about money’ and in which I teach your our simple ‘Emmote’ process so you can start getting rid of your negative beliefs immediately.

I’d be interested to hear how you would deal with this tricky subject of warning children about ‘strangers’ without giving your child ‘negative beliefs’ about money and men. Would love to hear your comments.


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