Motivation Beyond Belief Workshop – 19th May

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Motivation Beyond Belief Workshop – 19th May

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you find yourself lethargic, bored and uninterested in life? Have you lost your sparkle? Do you have a project or business you just can’t get off the ground?

Motivation is a random beast! You have to generate it from somewhere, to do the things you used to jump out of bed with excitement to do. How did it everything get to be this hard? You may be able to generate some, but it’s fleeting – it takes a lot of energy to keep yourself going!

When we can’t be bothered, when everything feels like it’s just too much effort, generating motivation within ourselves is near impossible.

This is all because we have collected some negative beliefs about life along the way. Removing them will feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders. You will be empowered, revitalised and ready to take on whatever is in your heart to peruse – even if it’s just the motivation to get out of bed in the morning and get on with your day!

Our ‘Emmote’ process works deep at cellular level by totally eliminating the ‘negative thoughts and feelings’ that create a ‘negative belief’. It also severs the hardwired synapses in our brain between the thought and the feelings, eliminating them. Completely! Permanently!

Investment $500
6 x 3 hour workshops
All course materials provided
The opportunity to design and create your future in the beautiful surrounds of Aroca Healing Centre – a safe space to flourish and explore the real you!

Workshop 1 – Thursday May 19th 6pm-9pm
Workshop 2 – Thursday June 2nd 6pm – 9pm
Workshop 3 – Thursday June 16th 6pm – 9pm
Workshop 4 – Thursday June 30th 6pm – 9pm
Workshop 5 – Thursday July 14th 6pm – 9pm
Workshop 6 – Thursday July 28th 6pm – 9pm

(18 hours of 121 coaching with an Emmote practitioner on this subject would cost you $1080, the workshop saves you $580!)

Each session will be jam packed with all the information, tools and personal coaching you need to get back on track with your life and your dreams!

This workshop requires you to be committed to your own personal transformation, regular attendance and completion of the work in the way it was designed. Self-study in between workshops will enhance your experience tenfold. Don’t worry – You will develop a natural motivation to complete this course along the way!

Limited offer – Sign up for the Motivation Beyond Belief Workshops PLUS the Wealth Beyond Belief Workshops (held on the alternative Thursdays over the 12 weeks) for $900, saving you $100!

Contact Tracy Cleary – at Happiness Beyond Belief on; 0401 403 806 for more information
Secure your spot through;



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