Wealth - Beyond Belief - How To Get Rid of Your Negative Beliefs about Money

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Wealth - Beyond Belief - How To Get Rid of Your Negative Beliefs about Money

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What's The Secret Behind 'The Secret'

There are thousands of websites, books, DVD’s, seminars, Webinars and ‘Millionaire Gurus’ all offering us advice on how to make money, encouraging us to spend our money buying their products.

Over the years I have attended many of these courses, bought dozens of DVD’s and paid considerable monthly and annual subscriptions to websites – and bought loads of books about Money  and  Success,  all of which has cost me thousands of dollars.

One thing I did notice though was that all these ‘gurus’ and ‘financial wizards’ who make millions selling their ‘How To Make Money’ products, say the same thing!!

Basically they say the reason ‘only 5% of people succeed  using their products is that we have ‘negative beliefs, negative thoughts and a negative attitude about money learned from our parents and the society we were raised in’.

I actually was one of the 95% of people on this planet who no matter how much success I achieved, just couldn't seem to break through the ‘glass ceiling’ of the financial giants.  I would become fairly successful and then would come crashing down again. I had no idea why. But in essence what  these 'gurus' are saying is “Money is a Belief System” and they are right. My negative belief system about money caused me to fail over and over again.

So how do we change an entire belief system? Many of them suggested using positive affirmations, positive thinking, wish boards, reprogramming the beliefs, etc. All of which I tried, none of which worked for me. 


Then I realised I already had the secret in the palm of my hand!


I had been using our ‘Emmote’ process for some time to remove other negative beliefs that were holding me back, so  I thought I’d take a look at what my parents’ belief system about money was and how that had impacted on my own life. Unsurprisingly I found I had exactly the same belief system as them, which meant that no matter how hard I worked or much money I had, I had to lose it and end up with nothing again!

Once I had this amazing insight, I began working out a list of my ‘negative beliefs about money’ and I started using the‘Emmote’ process to get rid of them.

It was incredible!  I stopped worrying about money, I found I always had enough for what I wanted, I became responsible for the money I had, and started seeing money as a tool rather than a privilege  that only some people were entitled to.

I then decided to write a book about it and the end result is my e-Book 'Wealth - Beyond Belief'.

Hundreds of people, who have already bought ‘Wealth – Beyond Belief and have learned the technique, have completely transformed the way they think about money and you can too!

Our ‘Emmote’ process has been called ‘the missing link’ between our desire for wealth and actually achieving it, because if our ‘money blueprint’ is not set for success, no matter what we do, we will find it much more difficult to achieve it or fail completely! So now I want to show you how you can get off the ‘financial treadmill’ and take control of your financial life and stop worrying about money.

In ‘Wealth-Beyond Belief’ I explain how we get our negative beliefs and then show you how to use the simple step-by-step  ‘Emmote’ process’  which is amazingly easy to follow and even easier to do.

If you use the principles you learn in this book, it will transform your way you think about not only money, but many other things in your life. Don't just read the book, study and work on it as if your life depended on it!  

Then use th‘Emmote’ process to eliminate the list of commonly held negative beliefs about money I have included in the back section.

Once you have eliminated your negative beliefs about money and start applying some of the principles you've learned in other books or seminars, you’ll be astounded how quickly it will work for you and that it works permanently! No more failure, no more giving up, attracting and keeping money will become child’s play.


For just $19.50 ‘Wealth-Beyond Belief’ will be the best investment you'll ever make.

I personally 100% GUARANTEE IT! or I will give you your money back! - Annie Moyes





The Hardcover copy of 'Wealth - Beyond Belief' is now available.

Shipping within Australia is $9.00
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