Making Future is What Your Brain Does

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Making Future is What Your Brain Does

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The Brain is a Belief Making Machine, and Making Future is What it Does

Daniel Gilbert, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University says in his book, ‘Stumbling on Happiness’, “The greatest achievement of the human brain is to imagine objects and episodes that do not exist in the realm of reality, and it is this ability that allows us to think about the future". As one philosopher noted, “The human brain is an ‘anticipation machine’ and making future is the most important thing is does”.

'Making future' is our greatest survival tool – our ancient ancestors had to predict the future to know when to move camp in order to avoid dying in blizzards. Depending on our core beliefs, our ability to predict our future can create a wonderful or miserable life.

It all starts with a plan, then our negative predictions jump in;  like making plans for a wedding in the spring or applying for that new job we've always wanted and we start thinking about all the things that could go wrong. "The car won't show up", "it will rain", "I'll never get that job", "I'm not smart enough".

The things that children think can be seen as ‘magical thinking’ because they have very little ability to apply logic to their thoughts; they can only predict their outcomes based on their limited experience and immediate feelings.  Hence “I’m going to be superstar when I grow up”. Of course if little Harry doesn't turn out to be a superstar there will possibly be an element of disappointment, but hey that’s how we learn resilience. If little Sarah doesn't get to be Whitney Houston, she might feel she’s not good enough, but the reality is, she probably isn't. She will probably get over it or not.

All future thinking in a way is false in the sense that we can imagine anything (real or not) we choose, and all predictions are just predictions - good or bad; we can never be accurate about forward outcomes. But we can be defeated by them.

It seems then we can’t help future thinking and imagining/dreaming/predicting . A hungry child in Asia might imagine having a full bowl of rice every day, whilst an Australian teenager might imagine winning The X-Factor or passing his university exams and dreaming about winning a Noble Peace Prize.

As adults we eventually learn a sense of perspective and most of us have learned to discern fact from fiction, otherwise nobody would be functioning at all, and no advances in technology, medicine or education would exist. Somebody first created them in their imagination and then created them in reality. However ‘real’ and humdrum our lives may be, it doesn't cost us anything to dream.

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