"Love And Other Bruises"

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"Love And Other Bruises"

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“Love and other bruises didn't have to choose us, but it did and I'm alive and I'm trying to survive” Air Supply

Why does something that once felt so good now feel so terrible? That feeling of incredible love you felt when you first met the one your believed was ‘the one’. You know, ‘the one’  you believed would make you happy, support you and be there for you for the rest of your life?

‘The one’ you adored, who adored you, who held you fiercely, couldn’t wait to see every day, bought you gifts and flowers and romantic cards. You thought about him 24/7, longing, yearning to be near him, couldn’t live without each other.

Now, after the wedding and the baby on the way, now when you look at ‘the one’ all you see in his eyes is something akin to loathing, something cruel and biting, like he has been taken over by an evil twin.

You don’t want to admit it, but your darling love, your light, your angel, has someone turned into the ‘devil incarnate’ who sometimes looks at you as if you are nothing and mean nothing to him. Your heart is breaking with the pain of it. Where did my love go? The bruises on your body and the pain in your heart tell you to get out, NOW! While you can, just run away!

But that memory of the feeling of love you shared keeps coming back in waves, keeping you stuck between a rock and a lifetime of verbal and physical abuse. He’s leaving and it is all my fault, “If it wasn’t for me doing ....................!” “If only I hadn’t said ...............”! He wouldn’t have hurt me.

“If only I was better, thinner, taller, smaller, smarter, dumber, more loving, a better cook, a better lover”. If I was prettier, had a better body, his parents liked me”! You whip yourself with these words until you are bloodied and exhausted.

You can’t believe it, you are shocked and stunned that after growing up with a violent, cold and unfeeling father and swearing on your life that ‘would never happen to me’ it has! And yet here you are in exactly the same situation!

You make excuses for his bad behaviour like your Mum used to do about your Dad. You justify his abuse by blaming yourself, just like your Mum used to do. You used to tell her to leave from the time you were twelve, but she wouldn’t and you felt ashamed of her and hated your father for what he did to your Mum.

“How did this happen you ask yourself? How could I, out of all the men I could have chosen, pick someone who turned out exactly like my father? “The reason it happened is called a ‘comfort zone’.

A 'Comfort Zone' is something that we have become used to growing up and feel safer within. Comfort zones can sometimes be violent and hateful and scary and keep us trapped in a life not of our making.

A comfort zone contains all of our beliefs, opinions, our secrets, our fears and our inability to take risks and move forward. It is in this instant a case of ‘better the devil you know’. Your negative beliefs about yourself, your relationships and men are trapped inside this comfort zone and will continue to keep you trapped until you choose to get rid of them, because they are the reason you unconsciously chose a man exactly like your father and why you are reacting exactly the same way as your Mother does.

This is your life, you only have this one. Will you step outside your comfort zone to save your own life? So that you’re children don’t become yet more victims of divorce, abuse and violence?

At Happiness Beyond Belief we teach you how to eliminate the negative beliefs that keep you trapped in a life you never chose, so you can head into a future free from hurt and abuse, into one of love and happiness.

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