FindingThe Man of Your Dreams

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FindingThe Man of Your Dreams

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12 ways to find the man of your dreams and not the one of your  'desires'


  1. Never, ever, trust a man to your sex hormones when you first meet someone you’re physically attracted to.
  2. Women have ‘love/baby’ hormones and men have ‘sex/making replicas’ of himself hormones. (It’s a survival thing)
  3. Your hormones drive your emotions and make you do things you’ll probably regret in the cold harsh light of rejection and betrayal.
  4. Never let your hormones drive you into doing something YOU don’t want to just because you ‘feel’ out of control.
  5. If you are actually out of control – it’s your hormones!
  6. You still believe in the Cinderella Myth even after 50 years of women’s lib – it’s your hormones!
  7. You mistake sex for love and intimacy – you must stop doing that – men will have sex with girls who offers it to them, they do not love you because you have sex with them – don’t expect it to last or mean anything to them.
  8. When you feel like sex, go ‘play by yourself’, it’s not as messy and you don’t get left with a wet patch on your nice clean sheets, or end up feeling like a whore, or fool, or idiot and spend weeks tearing strips off yourself, and feeling that it’s all your fault he hasn't called or because you believe there’s something wrong with YOU!
  9. Maintain your ethics at all times. That is, don’t do anything you will feel bad about later.
  10. If a man truly loves you he will show you in many ways, one of them is good sex.
  11. Never think that because you’re smart, successful, and beautiful, or have the perfect body like JayLo or cook like Nigella Lawson that any of these is a reason for a man to truly love you.
    If you’re attracted to a guy immediately, get his phone number and walk away. If (and) when you call him and he is attracted to you will have had some time to for your hormones to settle down and see if he even fits the picture of your Mr.Right.
  12. Get rid of all the negative beliefs you have about being unloved, sex and men and you WILL attract a man who will truly love you.

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