"I Really Hate The Way I Look!"

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"I Really Hate The Way I Look!"

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"I Hate The Way I Look"

"I hate my boobs", "I hate my bum", "I hate my thighs", "I hate my face", "I hate my legs" etc… These are the cries of millions of women throughout the world.  They are an endless negative anthem ringing through most female minds, corrupting our self-confidence and destroying our self-esteem.

My gorgeous client Charlotte, like millions of women throughout the world, would take a minimum of one hour to get dressed every day, two if she was going out again after work. She would try on the outfit she had chosen the night before and then spend five minutes examining her reflection in the mirror. Her negative self-talk would go something like this; “This dress makes my bum look enormous and the colour doesn't suit me”, “I hate the way I look in this!”

She would then take it off and try on another outfit, with similar thoughts going around her mind about shape, colour, fit, etc.  Meanwhile time is ticking away and she realises if she doesn't choose something quickly she will be late for work. By now she’s worked herself into a frazzle; everything she has tried on has something wrong with it. Her bedroom is covered in discarded clothes and she’s angry, frustrated and hating herself for being so indecisive. She has to choose something so she picks up the first outfit she tried on and angrily rushes out the door.

Each day she would start work in a bad mood and feeling she looked awful. No matter how great she looked or that her co-workers would say that her dress was lovely, she wouldn't believe them and it made her angrier that they couldn't see what she could. The way she looked had spoiled her day and she went home in the evening feeling angry. She would then take it out on her partner or on the dinner or crash around the house and sulk. If they were to go out in the evening regardless of whether it was to a friend’s house or dinner, she would go through the whole process again.

By the way Charlotte is five feet tall in her bare feet, she takes a size 6-8 clothes (Australian) has beautiful long dark hair and piercing blue eyes and is a stunning young woman. In fact she looks so lovely that most women would give their soul to look like her. No matter that everyone told her she was beautiful, she didn't believe them, she believed she was ugly and no-one was going to change her mind.  After Charlotte eliminated her negative beliefs about the way she looked, the daily drama is gone and her partner is overjoyed. If this is your daily drama then getting rid of some negative self - image belief will get you feeling great about yourself and not care what others think.


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