What Are Core Beliefs?

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What Are Core Beliefs?

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What  are ‘Core Beliefs’ and how do they keep us trapped in a life we never wanted? 

As the name implies, ‘Core Beliefs live at the very core of our being.  These are the beliefs that are imprinted in the first few years of life before we had the ability to reason.

Negative Core Beliefs are the most insidious beliefs because they mould and shape our personality and our view of ourselves and our world.

Negative Core Beliefs are the beliefs that cause us the most long-term emotional damage, including depression, hopelessness, sickness and continual hardship and suffering.  Core Beliefs hold all the other beliefs in our ‘belief system’ together.

A negative Core Belief usually starts with “I AM” and is formed when as a child something upsetting or frightening happens to us that triggers ‘a negative action or reaction plus a bad or irrational feeling’, which we then interpret (illogically) our feelings like the following example:

Sally wants some attention but Mum is busy and says; “ Sally, can't you see I’m busy right now, go away and play”. Sally feels rejected and might interpret this rejection like this; “Mummy’s too busy to talk to me, I’m a nuisance and I’m in the way, she doesn’t want me". 

Thereafter every experience of being rejected creates even stronger feelings until the feeling; ‘I Am Worthless’ is formed in Sally's Limbic System which is responsible for our emotional memory and stored in the subconscious.  Sally is too young to intellectually think or reject the statement ‘I Am Worthless’ but any perceived rejections make her feel' worthless’. So, “I Am Worthless” then becomes the Core Belief.  Any other thoughts and feelings attached to this are also stored in the subconscious as 'higher levels of beliefs'.

As Sally grows, and her 'conscious mind' develops, it automatically filters out and buries any counter evidence to disprove the belief “I Am Worthless” while at the same time the 'subconscious mind' vigilantly argues any supporting evidence for the belief.

You are probably already aware of these internal struggles and the arguments that go on inside your head? And have you ever noticed that when you want to open a business, find a new relationship, get that longed-for job, two parts of your brain set up an argument - one arguing for, the other arguing against, which might go something like this?

''(Conscious mind) "I know I could start a business as well as anybody else". (Subconscious mind) "Don't be stupid, it would be a disaster, I don't have what it takes to open a business"!

Like Sally, you will always intellectually (conscious mind) attempt to prove to yourself and the world that the Core Belief “I Am Worthless” is not true, while your subconscious mind is simultaneously validating that it is!

So, the deepest of beliefs are called Core Beliefs because there is ‘nothing underneath them’. That is, if we ask the question WHY we believe we are worthless, because we can’t recall those early incidents, we cannot find any explanation for it, we cannot come up with an answer; we just irrationally (feel + think) = ‘believe’ = I Am Worthless”.

This Negative Core Belief "I AM WORTHLESS" becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy ensuring we will always 'feel worthless' no matter how successful we become.

Core Beliefs are the ‘roots’ of the belief tree.
You can go ‘no further down’ than a Core Belief.
A Core Belief is ‘the foundation’ upon which all the others belief layers are built.

Negative Core Beliefs infect and control our life. They are the ‘voice-over’; ‘the coach’; the ‘devil’s advocate’ that control and contaminate everything we do.

They are the lost, lonely child within us that cries out for comfort and for love and support but because of our negative beliefs, finds none, and even if we become successful we will somehow find 'difficult to believe', feeling like a fraud or pretender. Or we will unconsciously sabotage our relationships and even our business because we believe we 'don't deserve it'.

Negative Core Beliefs create a life of despair, depression, addictions and destroy our self-esteem, self-worth and confidence.

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So what have you got to lose except your Negative Core Beliefs?

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