Core Belief No. 3 – "I Am Not Good Enough"

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Core Belief No. 3 – "I Am Not Good Enough"

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"Why Can't I Be Good Enough?"

Can you believe it! It’s nearly Christmas again and a New Year just around the corner! Ready for some pre-festivities exercises?

OK then, grab a pen and a piece of paper and then go look at yourself in a mirror, if you have a full-length one so much the better. If you have 'negative beliefs' about yourself you will quickly start feeling uncomfortable and want to give up, don’t!

Just stand there looking at your face, in your eyes, at your body and then start paying attention to the ‘voice-over’ that’s now chattering away like a demon inside your head, picking holes in the way you look, dress, and stand. As this is happening, write down all the negative things the 'voice-over' is saying to you.

Look at your face and body. Listen to that ‘voice-over’ telling you're 'too stupid, not smart enough, clumsy, pathetic, weak, boring, hopeless, ugly,   ________, add your own negative adjectives here! Write down all the negative things the 'voice-over' is telling you. It could be the voice of your mother, father, teacher, friend, or just your own 'inner critical parent'.

Take some deep breaths and stay where you are!

Now listen to that ‘voice-over’ telling you “You’re not good enough to be a ________” whatever that dream was that got crushed by your parents, your teacher, your siblings or your failure to get into college because you believe  “I Am Not Good Enough”.  

We take on the belief “I am not good enough” early in childhood because unconsciously at around five years old we start comparing ourselves to others and we always find ourselves lacking in some way. ‘She’s prettier than me”,  "His Dad’s got a brand new car", “I’m stupid, “I’m too dumb, not as attractive, not as thin, not as sporty, not as creative”, etc; ____________add your own negative adjective here.

It is perfectly normal to compare. It is part of our learning process, like comparing apples and oranges, which one is the best?  But once it becomes personal and self-criticism begins, comparing  everything we do with others, particularly if the ‘other’ is a sibling, friend or someone we admire. Like the fixation everyone's got with minor celebrities these days.

The worst thing about “I Am Not Good Enough" is that sinking feeling of inferiority when taking exams, applying for jobs, searching for a relationship where our negative self- talk goes something like.  "I won’t pass this test” I’ll never become a doctor”, “I’ll never get that job”, “I’m not pretty enough for him” ‘He’s more intelligent than me”!!!!  On and on in an endless pre-recorded loop you can't remember ever taping.

Another test of “I Am Not Good Enough" is to see if you are constantly having to prove to yourself and others that you are good enough. The attention seeking behaviour, the working harder than everybody else, the people pleaser, the girl who won’t go out without makeup, the designer clothes, the cosmetic surgery, the flashy car and jewellery. The having to keep up with the Jones’s, whoever you imagine they are?

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