Core Belief – No. 2 – I Am Worthless

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Core Belief – No. 2 – I Am Worthless

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“I Believe I Am Worthless”

At the very core of depression, addictions, self-hatred and self-abuse is the Core Belief – “I Am Worthless” This insidious Core Belief is created in a child’s mind when they experience multiple rejections, put-downs and deprivations. It is the result of being told that ‘nothing we do is good enough’, that ‘we are weak’, ugly, fat, in the way, a loser’.

It is the culmination of family neglect, abandonment, abuse, (emotional, physical or sexual). It is the story a child tells herself when everybody around her has failed to sustain, love and nurture her.

By the time children become teenagers the Core Belief, “I Am Worthless” is hardwired into their growing brain and is responsible for radical behaviour changes, addictions, self-harm and crime. Here is a snippet from a client's story;

“ I was two when my Dad walked out on me and my Mum. After 4th grade he stopped calling and writing. Mum remarried when I was in 5th grade.I hated him. In 6th grade I lost my virginity. I just wanted to be loved by a guy. I hated my life. I slept with three guys in that year. In the 7th grade I started doing drugs and alcohol. I went to parties and stayed out late. When my Mum kicked my step-dad out I was happy. When school started again I was smoking and drinking a bit here and there. I felt dead inside. I picked up cutting. When I saw myself bleed I felt alive. To feel pain was the best feeling. My Mum found out and took me to a Counselor. A few months later I stopped eating. I had to be perfect. I was the worst daughter. I had a bad attitude and grades. My Dad wasn’t around. I felt totally worthless. I wasn’t good enough for him. I feel that my life is worthless. I just want to die half the time. I want to feel like I am worth something, loved and cared for. Where do I find that?” High School Student.

“I Am Worthless” can lead to a life of despair, addiction and self-abuse. Feelings of being invisible, being nothing, shame and guilt, eat away at our self-esteem and confidence. Worst of all is believing that we can’t express this feeling verbally to anyone, because nobody cares anyway anyway.

All of my clients without exception have held this belief to be true about themselves which infected their relationships, their careers and their marriages.

Here's a testimonial; “To no longer believe “I Am Worthless” changed the way I feel about myself and everything in my life. I now know I am worthy and deserving and always was, I just didn't believe it. Thank you Beyond Belief for helping me see that my life has not been in vain and at last I have a great future ahead of me”. Sarah Rice

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