Bullying is Killing Our Kids

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Bullying is Killing Our Kids

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“Could a scar be like the rings of a tree, reopened with each emotional season?”  Magenta Periwinkle, Cutting Class

Let’s get this straight. You are not responsible for the programmes in your brain. Our brain is the most incredibly complex piece of equipment on the planet and literally programmes itself based on what it sees, hears and experiences.

Because of the brain’s incredible storage capacity and its desire to survive in the only way it knows how, from the time you were born, it recorded all the information it deemed necessary that might be useful to your survival down the convoluted track that would become your life.

Let’s use being bullied as an example;

Say you were bullied at when you were young; instantly the bullying started your mind created and recorded all the information and feelings attached to being bullied and can recall it in an instant.

And because of the brain’s incredible ability to predict the future, the more you were bullied, the more you came to believe that you would be bullied, thus setting up a self-fulfilling prophesy and attracting a future where we get bullied in most situations we find ourselves in.

If you were bullied at school, each time you see a school your mind recollects the experience of bullying and what happened there. This reads;

School = Bullied = Pain; Humiliation; Fear; Hopelessness

In order to ensure your long-term survival, and each time you find yourself in a similar situation to when you were bullied at school, i.e.; at work, at a party, your mind automatically retrieves that information and scans the environment to see if a bully might be near and if danger is imminent!  People who were not bullied don’t do this.

You are not to blame for being bullied, but because your mind is constantly on the lookout for bullies, it’s likely that you will see bullies everywhere. Even attract them as partners and friends.

And worse, you might even become a bully yourself!

Unless you change the ‘Bullied’ programming in your brain, you will always be at the mercy of the bully who still runs your life.

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