What Makes You Angry – Part 2

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What Makes You Angry – Part 2

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‘The Vicious Cycle’.

Swallowed rage festers; it eats away at us silently and stealthily. We start becoming critical, picky, nagging, cynical and sarcastic.

In some families anger is ever present, seething away in sarcasm, humiliation and constant criticism, taunting and beatings, either displayed for the neighbourhood to see or locked secretly behind closed doors never to see the light of day until someone erupts and badly injures or kills someone. Or unless that black eye or broken arm worn by a six year old is noticed by some kind teacher or stranger. 

Resentment towards our parents is projected out to the world and we become easily provoked, agitated and impatient. We can become passive-aggressive, smiling at people whilst imagining stabbing them in the back. We become bullies, loud-mouthed, cursing and jeering at people for no reason.

As teenagers, still not allowed to show anger we turn to suppressants like alcohol, drugs and food to try and suppress it.

Angry? Grab a beer, a glass of wine, a large scotch or maybe two, three or four or even more.

Angry? Grab a cone, a joint, a syringe of the hard stuff, a line of coke, or two, or three or four to ‘chill’ man.

Angry? Eat a bar of chocolate, a slab of Apple Pie with ice-cream and cream, a Big Mac or two or three with family size chips and a few beers to wash it down.

Suppressed anger kills us slowly, eating away at our joy and energy making us sick emotionally and physically. Anger infects everybody around it. Anger is a weapon of mass destruction designed specifically as part of our survival mechanism to protect ourselves from predators.

When we are ‘triggered’ by a hurtful word or outright rejection or just a 'look' , our Amygdala instantly  primes us for fight or flight, creating a backlash that if not controlled drives us to fight back or run away. Often the result is bloody murder (anger turned outward) or suicide (anger turned inwards).

So here we are gone around in full circle – parents teach us not to be angry by being angry and punishing us. Then we internalise our anger and just when we think it’s under control, we find ourselves lashing out. The punished then becomes the punisher. This indeed is ‘the vicious cycle’.

We teach you how to eliminate anger by removing the the 'negative beliefs' attached it.

It's  great to feel calm and relaxed and in control of ourselves, not only does it make us feel stronger but it also increased our happiness quotient and attracts people instead of repelling them.

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