Anger - Is It Nature Or Nurture?

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Anger - Is It Nature Or Nurture?

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‘If a small thing has the power to make you angry,  does that not indicate something about your size?’  ~Sydney J. Harris

A negative belief is simply a negative thought connected to a negative feeling. There are several layers of beliefs;
Core Beliefs
Base Beliefs
Compulsion Beliefs
Assumption Beliefs
Negative Predictions
Antagonist Beliefs
Fear Beliefs

Antagonist Beliefs are formed when as children we are denied what we need or want and we become angry. Not permitted to vent this anger, children become resentful. Not allowed to express resentment we suppress it and instead indulge in antagonistic thinking and behaviour. We might not be allowed to hit our sister who stole the toy we were playing with, but no-one can stop us thinking mean thoughts about her.

Antagonist Beliefs are expressed through anger, irritation, frustration, impatience, intolerance, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, violence, cruelty, sarcasm, cynicism, hypocrisy, meanness, selfishness, spite, prejudice and dangerous or criminal behaviour.

However ‘nice’ we believe we are,  sometimes it takes very little to trigger us into losing our temper, lashing out and hurting others or ourselves in the irrational behaviour storm that occurs when we ‘snap’ or ‘lose it’ , and mostly we are not aware what triggered this outburst.

Here’s an Example:

Base Belief:  “Nobody Loves Me” - Antagonist Belief – “I hate them all”anger kid
Base Belief: “I Never Get What I Want” - Antagonist Belief – “They are completely selfish”
Core Belief: “I Am Not Good Enough” - Antagonist Belief - “They’re not good enough for me”

We might not be allowed to run away from or fight back when a parent hits, screams or criticises us, but we can wish they would ‘drop dead’, or like me, wish our mother would get ‘lock-jaw’ so she would stop nagging me!

Most of usact out’ these antagonist beliefs in some behaviour or other by being intolerant, stubborn, rude, manipulative or blaming. And some of us go further to become bullies and tyrants.

Antagonist Beliefs keep us locked into our childish anger, selfishness, resentment and blame. They hold back our emotional growth by disconnecting us from feelings of respect, tolerance, love, compassion and understanding, both for ourselves and for others.

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