Now You Can Stop Worrying About Money!

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Now You Can Stop Worrying About Money!

Are you, like me, tired of hearing the word ‘Money’ in virtually every sentence, TV ad, magazine and movie?

It’s “Money this” or “If I had the money” or “I seem to spend so much money”, or “Do you dream of having more money”? Or “You can’t live without the latest Wii, iPad, or Smart Phone”.

Nearly every email I receive tells me how I can increase my wealth by ‘buying a course in SEO Marketing’ or attending ‘How to make Money’ seminars, asking me to pay a fortune for it, each one of them saying virtually the same thing, ‘You must do this or you’ll always be poor’.

Hundreds of thousands of people are willing to pay up to $50K to learn from the ‘experts’  how to do it and then wonder why, when they fail, that they were so ‘stupid as to believe’ that it would work for them, leaving them feeling even  more of a failure and with a huge credit card or loan debt to pay off.  Why didn’t it work for them?

They forgot to look at their ‘negative beliefs’ about money before starting on the ‘money making’ treadmill.

Having spent the past 18 years researching why only 5% of people do make it and 95% fail, I know that it’s our childhood programming about money that keeps us caught up on the ‘poverty-conscious’ treadmill.

Over the years I became quite successful myself but sabotaged it by spending far too much on things I ‘believed’ I needed and not leaving anything to ‘fall back on’.

When the 90’s recession hit, I lost everything I had worked so hard for so many years to achieve. I truly came to know that money does not buy love or happiness and our believing it is not only futile, it’s untrue.

Having eliminated many of my own negative beliefs about money, my eBook ‘Wealth –Beyond Belief’ teaches you how to get rid of your own self-sabotaging ‘money beliefs’.

Here are some ‘negative beliefs’ about money;

  • “I am nothing without money”
  • “I don’t have enough money”
  • “There’s never enough money”
  • “I am poor”
  • “I don’t deserve to have lots of money”
  • “I struggle for money”
  • “Money doesn’t come easy”
  • “I worry about money”

You can buy a copy of ‘Wealth –Beyond Belief’ right here on my website for just $19.50 – and get started on removing your ‘negative beliefs’ about money right away. Once you have eliminated your negative beliefs about money you will be able to attract the money and lifestyle you choose.


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Wealth Beyond Belief is a real eye opener and the best value therapy I’ve ever had!” Maria, West Australia




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