How To Stop Arguing in Just 5 Minutes!!

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How To Stop Arguing in Just 5 Minutes!!

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"I Have To Be Right"

You know something really weird? Ever since I got rid of my
'I have to be right'  beliefs way back in 90's, I've had this thought most days. "If every person on this earth eliminated the belief “I have to be right” the world as we know it would change overnight". 

Wars, arguments and crime would stop. They would have to because all we are fighting for is 'to be right'.

Think about it. Seriously!  If nobody had the genetic beliefs "I have to be right" then we could actually have a real conversation, real, honest communication, an exchange of ideas regardless of differences.

Business and industry would function better, relationships with everybody would be friendlier and less judgmental and we would all be much more relaxed and calm. After all, how can you argue with someone when you don't 'have to be right'?

It is this ancient, unconscious survival belief "I have to be right" that causes more disagreements, disharmony, righteousness, bigotry, violence, terrorism and war than any other genetic belief in the human psyche.

"I have to be right" is at the centre of every argument, disagreement, philosophy, power struggle, relationship breakdown and belief system, because at its very core is the false assumption that " If I am not right, I will die”. Sadly most of us are still trapped in this primitive, irrational behaviour.

You only have to watch the daily news (which I never do these days) to see the terror, fear, war, murder and mayhem caused by this this insidious belief.

We might be able to transplant organs or travel to remote planets, but when it comes to being right we are still Neanderthal!  This unreasonable behaviour might have been understandable and even acceptable for our uneducated forebears, but it is not acceptable now! We have to grow up, we have to stop wanting to be right and start learning to live in peace.

Ask yourself this question;  What is the worst that could happen to you if you had to admit that you might not have been right?  The worst that could happen is that you can admit that sometimes you have been wrong, that sometimes you have been pig-headed and stubborn and inflexible and racist and bigoted and sexist and righteous. 

You will not die if you own up any of these thoughts.  You will in fact be able to be more accepting and tolerant of yourself and others and stop trying to control people and situations and conversations and relationships. 

We can let others be right, and it won’t kill us!!!!


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