What’s The Secret Behind ‘The Secret’?  – Your ‘Negative Beliefs’ Are! 


‘Wealth – Beyond Belief’ holds the simple secret to why your life might not be working as well as you hoped and dreamed. It is simply ‘the secret’ behind why positive thinking and affirmations don’t work for 95% of the people who use them.

You might have heard about negative, self-limiting and self-destructive ‘beliefs’? But did you know that these ‘beliefs’ are programmed into our brain automatically without us knowing!

I tried for over 20 years to get rid of my negative beliefs and did every new fangled course that came along. I bought many books, signed up for expensive internet courses, and tried natural and holistic practices. I was told to deny, ignore, reword, refocus, accept and refute and cover my beliefs up with positive thinking and affirmations. But still nobody could show me how to actually get rid of them permanently.

No matter how many times I became successful, I somehow managed to sabotage myself, not knowing then it was my negative beliefs that kept this pattern repeating throughout my life.

These thoughts and feelings are programmed deep in our subconscious mind and no amount of telling ourselves how great or deserving we are, removes this hard-wired programming.

After years of leading myself up the garden path, I found the simple answer that no-one else seemed aware of.

You can’t get rid of negative beliefs by denying or rewording them! It’s like putting a band-aid on a broken leg!

In 1995 I not only found the secret to actually understanding how our brain works to automatically programme negative beliefs, but also how to remove them from the subconscious mind quickly and simply and PERMANENTLY!

Sound too good to be true?  I know, I thought that too when I discovered it. Since then I have transformed my life and helped hundreds of others change theirs too.

So now I want to show you how you can get off the ‘financial treadmill’ and take control of your financial life and stop worrying about money. I explain how we get our negative beliefs and then show you how to use the simple step-by-step  ‘Emmote’ process’  which is amazingly easy to follow and even easier to do.

If you use the principles you learn in this book, it will transform your way you think about not only money, but many other things in your life. Don’t just read the book,  study it as if your life depended on it;   then use the ‘Emmote’ process to eliminate the list of commonly held negative beliefs about money I have included in the back section.

Once you have eliminated your negative beliefs about money and start applying some of the principles you’ve learned in other books or seminars, you’ll be astounded how quickly it will work for you and that it works permanently! No more failure, no more giving up, attracting and keeping money will become child’s play.

If you would like to get rid of your ‘negative beliefs about money’ just download your copy of ‘Wealth – Beyond Belief’ now; for just$29.50it will be the best investment you’ll ever make!


I am so certain ‘Wealth – Beyond Belief’  will completely change the way you think about money, I will refund the full purchase price if it doesn’t work for you. If you are not completely satisfied I will refund your money, no questions asked. So what have you go to lose, except your negative beliefs about money?