You Have To Be Perfect Or You’ll End Up Like Me!

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You Have To Be Perfect Or You’ll End Up Like Me!

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'Sarah always had to colour inside the lines, not get herself dirty, eat everything on her plate and not talk back'

My client Sarah’s mother, who had a lifelong battle with her weight, took Sarah to her 'Weight-Watchers' group every week from the day she was born until she was thirteen years old and refused to go any more.

During the week her mother would also invite her Weight-Watcher’s friends around and they would moan and gripe about their weight problems and diets and how much they hated themselves and their bodies and then console themselves with a ‘naughty treat’.

Sarah was also taken daily to her Grandmother’s Bakery and as her ‘special treat’ for being a good girl, was given a fresh cream bun or sugary donuts or chocolate eclairs, what child could resist?

When Sarah’s mother wasn’t constantly weighing herself and looking in the mirror crying or berating herself, she used to take Sarah on shopping trips and buy her all the latest, most expensive designer baby/child outfits which to Sarah as a young child were uncomfortable and confining.

Sarah always had to colour inside the lines, not get herself dirty, eat everything on her plate and not talk back. Sarah was never allowed to have children over to play because they would ‘make a mess’ and she always had to keep her bedroom spotless and watch her manners.

But it wasn’t only her mother’s issues that triggered Sarah’s depression and self-hatred.

Her mother also bought every copy of the latest women’s magazines and read them religiously cover to cover and shared each one with her daughter,  pointing out that Sarah should look like this or that model, further cementing her negative beliefs of ‘not being good enough’ and ‘having to be perfect’.

From this you might understand how Sarah also carries a lifetime of self-hatred and weight issues, torturing herself and her body for turning out just like her mother.

Like Sarah, constantly assaulted by images of thin, sexy young women in print, online, on television and in young girls’ movies, today’s daughters  are have a tough time avoiding the feeling that their bodies are the enemy.

A recent Dove survey revealed that 70 % of American girls age 8 to 17 believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school and relationships with friends and family members.

The survey also found that 57 % of all girls have a mother who criticises her own looks. Among girls with low self-esteem, 71 % feel ‘their appearance does not measure up, including not feeling pretty enough, thin enough or stylish or trendy enough.’

Among girls with high self-esteem, only 29 % worried about their appearance, the study said. But still, 29% is still too high in my opinion.

Our  ‘negative beliefs’ about ourselves have a huge effect on our daughter’s self-esteem because they see us constantly fussing or complaining about our body or the way we look, and they start comparing themselves to others at a very young age, always finding themselves lacking, becoming self-conscious, self-effacing and shy and hating their bodies.

These beliefs can only lead to a lifetime of poor self-image, dangerous eating disorders, self-harm or worse.

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