Overcoming My ‘Failure’ Attitude

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Overcoming My ‘Failure’ Attitude

“My parents instilled in me the belief that ‘Life is hard’ and I set out from an early age to prove that they were right. I set my sights on the stars and was shocked when I would keep crashing back down to earth. I came to believe I was ‘such a failure’. I would see other people living the life I wanted and couldn’t understand why my life was so hard and why I had to fight for everything. Someone mentioned the ‘Emmote Programme’ to me two years ago and I thought I might give it a go. Now my goals are realistic and I’m meeting them, life is easier and I have stopped beating myself up for failing to make the grade. I am much kinder to myself and life and people are kinder to me.  If you feel that ‘life is just too hard’ why not give ‘Emmote’ a try, it’s really simple to do and will change your life”. Brian Connolly



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