How to Love Your Body Anyway

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How to Love Your Body Anyway

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Do You Love Your Body When Nobody’s Looking?

I really love this image. It is so significant in a world where 'Image Means Everything'! But, do you love your body when nobody’s looking? No? Why?

Because we are constantly bombarded with images of how we should look, why we should be thinner, and look prettier, or younger or smarter, that tell us ‘we’re not good enough as we are’.

Let’s take a moment here to go back to childhood see if you can recall a time when you were not even aware of the way you looked.  Unless we were bullied or belittled about the way we looked from an early age, we just got on with life. Our body was something we never even thought about.

Later we began comparing ourselves to the other girls around us; our chunky thighs, our thin lips, our squinty eyes, our wide hips, our miniscule breasts. And we started to condemn ourselves as ugly, plain, skinny, fat and frumpish and ended up hating our body. These became the beliefs that we would forever judge ourselves by and also believed what others think of us. Indelibly imprinted in our subconscious.

No matter that the people who love you think you’re gorgeous, sexy, and lovely. YOU DON'T! So you will never believe them.

Our body is not WHO WE ARE, it is a vehicle that carries us through life. If we respect it and treat it kindly it does a great job of showing the world that we like and care about ourselves.

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