"Liar,Liar,Pants On Fire!"

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"Liar,Liar,Pants On Fire!"

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Doesn't Anybody Tell The Truth Anymore?

Why do children begin to tell lies? Mostly to protect themselves or shift the blame so they don’t get punished. If we think that we are being accused of something we immediately go into a defensive or survival mode and start denying it until we are blue in the face, despite all evidence to the contrary. This is a reflex self-protective response to a situation that has made us feel fearful.

Depending upon the circumstances, on how small or large the crime may be, we learn early to try to deflect punishment, learning different ways of trying to protect ourselves and these behaviours often continue as we mature into adulthood.

We all tell lies, both to ourselves and others, to cover up what we believe to be the unsavoury parts of ourselves, we pretend to be what we are not, we say yes when we want to say no, we smile when we want to scream, we pretend we are OK when we are falling apart, we have sex when we don’t want it and we exaggerate our skills and talents because we can’t let others know how inferior we believe we are.

When we tell a lie it becomes part of the ‘secret life of us’, the ‘unmentionable guilt or shame’. All these lies become ‘beliefs’ stored in our subconscious. Rather like safety deposit boxes in a bank vault, this secret stash of 'nasties' is kept under lock and key, rarely to see the light of day! Our shame and guilt builds at each new deceit and grinds away at our self-esteem and creates a life of misery and addictions.

Some people become such consummate liars that they can even look people in the eye and convince them they’re telling the truth. Some of us can become such seasoned liars, when we've run the story enough times we even come to believe it ourselves.

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  1. We, too, have faced the horrible truth that our son is a drug addict. There are no easy answers. If there were we would all share with each other and our pain would be over. Our son is 31 and been an addict since he was 15. The process has taken a toll on his father and me both mentally and physically. The entire family has rallied so many times. We’ve been through it all, the lying, stealing, jail, detention, hopelessness – and yet he continues on his own journey. I think the hardest thing to understand as a parent is why, after being clean coming out of jail or detention, he makes the decision to start over. It is a choice. I understand that, but I don’t understand why a better life is not more attractive than living in filth and never knowing if it will be his last night – that there will be no more tomorrows – no sun on your face on a brilliant summer day – no Christmas mornings to share with your family – nothing but pain and disappointment. Sometimes I think if I just had the answer to that question I could make some sense out of this. Why pain and suffering and maybe death over life and love and joy.

    • Hi Beatriz, I was so moved by your comments about your son's addiction, I understand how hard it is on the families of addicts, whatever it is they might be addicted to. It's extremely hard for loved ones of addicts to understand that they would want to hurt and punish themselves this way. The thing I know about addictions is that they are a band-aid, an escape from the the feeling of being trapped, stuck, unhappy and worthless.

      It is not that somebody is an addict, it is WHY they are .. it is beliefs about themselves and life they can't deal with, so they choose something that will anesthetise their emotional pain, unfortunately most of the things they choose are highly addictive and dangerous. The answer to your question is their beliefs; like; "I want to die", "I don't care if I die", "I wish I was dead". These sort of beliefs keep addicts caught up on a treadmill of despair and indifference, they really just don't care about their life. Sorry that sounds rough, but if he could get rid of those sort of beliefs, he would be able to kick his addiction easily and without even thinking about it.

      We have successfully helped hundreds of people break free from their addictions. But of course, they must want to. If I can help in anyway, even just a chat by Skype, let me know. Take good care of yourself. Annie

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