Hey You! You There With The Guilty Conscience!

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Hey You! You There With The Guilty Conscience!

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"Guilt and Shame lie like a shadow in my heart"



Guilt and shame - where do these awful feelings come from?

  • Guilt - is a personal awareness of moral failure leading to a feeling of low self esteem. Shame - is the sense of lacking value as a person in the presence of others leading to inferiority.
  • "When I am guilty, I don’t want to face myself. When I feel shame, I don’t want to face you!"
  • I feel guilty - for what I do. I feel shame - for who I am
  • Guilt - says “there is something wrong with my behaviour". Shame - says “there is something wrong with me
  • Guilt - says “I made a mistake”. Shame - says “I am a mistake”
  • Guilt - says “I'll pay for this”. Shame - says “I have no value
  • Guilt - is fear of punishment. Shame - is fear of abandonment
  • Guilt -  strikes at my conscience. Shame - strikes at my identity


Guilt feelings arise from specific behaviours; like feeling bad for what you have or have not done, imagined or real. It is expressed in thoughts like, “I’m wrong”, “It’s my fault”, “and I’m to blame”. All children feel guilt when a parent simply looks at them the wrong way, or accuses them of something they might or might not have done wrong. 

Children believe everything revolves around them, so even if the fault lies with their parents or their siblings, they can still feel guilty about it. Like when their parents are arguing, a child feels that somehow it’s something they have done wrong that started their parent's argument, and starts feeling guilty about it. If children feel guilty about something they will automatically blame themselves and then feel ashamed because they believe they created it.

Shame is feeling bad for who we are, and is expressed as, “I’m bad!” “I’m not good enough”, “I am worthless”.  Feelings of shame cause us to question our total worth as a person. Shame is an assumptive emotion which arises from outside ourselves. That means feelings of shame are rooted in what we believe other people think about us. So if we wrongly believe “It’s all my fault” we feel shame that 'They think it’s my fault".

However it’s the irrational guilt and shame that cripples us and creates depression, addictions and self-abuse. Guilt eats away at us like a cancer, walking on eggshells, having to be careful of what we say or do because we might be 'found out' or 'exposed' for  the bad person we believe ourselves to be.

Fortunately most of us our born with a 'built-in' moral compass, it’s called ‘conscience’  and don’t we don't need irrational guilt and shame to be caring, honest and trustworthy people. But if you do , hop over to our Contacts Page to book your FREE ONE HOUR INTRODUCTION Skype or One-on-One session.   


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