Comparing Ourselves to Others

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How you see yourself - cropped for website"When we compare ourselves to others we  invalidate who we are"

Depending upon the 'belief system' operating in our family of origin we probably have negative beliefs about ourselves, other cultures, religions and races.

Not until too long ago most people were too busy working to survive to worry about whether they looked and smelled good or had the right shoes.

With the advent of television, cinema and fashion magazines advertising we now have thousands of so called ‘experts’ telling us that we are not OK as we are and that we need to do something about it.  Quickly!

These so called experts are the advertising and marketing departments of large corporations telling us that we are 'nothing' and 'nobody' if we don't buy their products. The sad fact is ‘we believe them’.

We now believe that if we don't look ‘right’, smell ‘right’, dress ‘right’, eat ‘right’, exercise ‘right’, etc, ‘there must be something wrong with us’ so obviously we must become like everybody else.

If, as women, we are not stick-thin like the 15-year-old ‘Super Model’ in the latest Dolly Magazine, then we are fat and obscene. If we are not dressed in the same clothes as the latest Diva, then we are O/F and not cool.

On a rational level we must ask ourselves what chance we have of ever being like them unless we starve ourselves or spend every cent we have (or borrow) buying the latest fashions.

These corporations are very aware of the psychology behind their marketing, that is, each of us feels a great need to belong and be a part of a group, to be popular and liked and feel that we are important. As teenagers we believe that if we dress, behave, eat, and drink the same as each other, then we will fit-in. If we are not popular, don't have the social status, or the money to fit in with the 'in-crowd' our opinion of ourselves diminishes and leaves us feeling inferior and inadequate.

Comparing ourselves to others always leads to lack of self esteem, depression, eating disorders and self-abuse. This can also result in jealousy, resentment and bitterness towards others we judge better than us. Comparing ourselves to others is a futile exercise because we are all so entirely different and unique and can never be the same as anyone else.

Removing negative beliefs about ourselves allows us to appreciate our own uniqueness and differences, so that we learn to truly care about and like ourselves and no longer need to compare ourselves to anybody.

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We'd love to hear your story about how growing up in today's society has affected your self-esteem, just leave a comment below and invite your friends to comment by sharing this post with them.



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