"Only The Lonely Know The Way I Feel Tonight"

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"Only The Lonely Know The Way I Feel Tonight"

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One of my favourite authors, Sebastian Faulkes has this to say on ‘Lonely’

“Lonely means minding being on your own. In general Lonely looks after itself. It helps you generate strategies that reinforce it. The comfort of the dark cinema and the company of screen actors prevent you from meeting anyone. Lonely’s like any other organism, competitive and resourceful in the struggle to perpetuate itself.”

What this means is, if as a child we are left alone to occupy ourselves, we can become introverted and fall back on ourselves for self-comfort. So if we grow up with say, ‘abandoned, alone, lonely’ beliefs we will do whatever it takes to perpetuate them. Like, when we get invited somewhere, we’ll make up excuses why we can’t go, like “I’m too busy” when all we have to do is wallow in our loneliness. Saying things to ourselves like “I’m better off alone”, “It’s best for me to be alone, I’m not good company”. ‘They’ll enjoy themselves better if I’m not there”.

Forcing ourselves to socialise, we could be a spectator at a football match surrounded by thousands, and still feel lonely. We could sit at the dinner table with our family and still feel lonely. We could be out with our very best friends having fun, yet at any given moment that sense of ‘lonely’ steals upon us and we withdraw into ourselves and become a voyeur of our friends’ happiness.

Like Sebastian Faulkes says above we do things that perpetuate our sense of loneliness and isolation to validate our beliefs. We become obsessed with the very thing that hurts us, we can’t help it. The unconscious mind knows what it knows and the conscious mind always seeks to validate it. That’s the way our brain works. It’s not your fault. You can’t help it. But you can get rid of it.

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