Are You Weighed Down By Debt?

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Are You Weighed Down By Debt?

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Are You Weighed Down By Debt?


Do you have a poor relationship with Money? Are you overburdened with debt, or believe you'll never be wealthy?  Then perhaps these Negative Beliefs about Money might be the reason;


  • Money is hard to come by
  • I don’t have/can’t make enough money
  • I spend too much Money
  • I don’t deserve to be wealthy/rich
  • I struggle to make money
  • Money can’t buy love or happiness
  • I have to work hard for money
  • People won’t like me if I am rich
  • Money is a curse
  • I’ll never have enough money
  • I scrape by
  • I can’t have everything I want
  • Money is not important to me
  • Money is a burden
  • I am a failure
  • I’ll never be successful
  • I am poor
  • I am in debt
  • I worry about money
  • I am nothing/nobody without money


If any of the above triggered you emotionally, it would be a good idea if you got rid of them – immediately. Negative Beliefs stand in the way of and hold us back from having the life and success we deserve.

Just go to the homepage and buy a copy of my eBook 'Wealth-Beyond Belief', where I teach you not only how we get negative beliefs, but I also include a complete list of common negative beliefs about money, including all the one in the list above,  so you can start getting rid of your financial problems immediately.

Our Emmote process works deep at cellular level by totally eliminating the ‘negative thoughts and feelings’ that create a ‘negative belief’. It also severs the hardwired synapses in our brain between the thought and the feelings, eliminating them. Completely! Permanently!

If needed you will be able to recall the incident but not the feelings attached to it. It can no longer ‘trigger’ the feelings because they are no longer there! Enabling you to move forward into your new, more positive life.

And because we teach you how to use the Emmote process we empower you with the knowledge and tools to help yourself whenever anything negative comes up for you in the future.

Our Emmote process is so powerfully life changing we 100% Guarantee it will work for you.

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