Everybody Worries About Money

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Everybody Worries About Money

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"Everybody Worries About Money"

The very rich worry about what to do with their vast wealth; where to spend it, how much tax they have to pay on it, if the people they have administering it are trustworthy, how much to give to charity to offset their tax bill, what death duties will do to it and how much their children will inherit when they die.

Moderately wealthy people worry about losing their hard-earned, hard-won money.  So they invest in property and small businesses and hope their stocks and shares gain enough interest to provide some comfort in their old-age. Unfortunately in the latest Global Economic Recession a few million of these poor souls have seen their carefully nurtured ‘nest eggs’ reduced to nothing and are distraught to find themselves back to square one.

The ‘middle-class’ or ‘Nuevo-riche’ worry about how to display their newly acquired wealth by spending lots of money so they can be seen to be ‘keeping up with the Jones’s. They like to show off their new found wealth by buying up houses in the wealthier areas, installing Jacuzzi s and Theatre Rooms, driving the latest gas-guzzling sports car or 4-wheel drives and wearing the very latest, very expensive designer clothes. They like to tell people where they went on holidays and how much their hotels cost and throw lavish dinner parties to impress their friends.   They ‘don’t want to be seen’ to be worrying about money so they flaunt it brazenly and proudly.

But it is the working classes, the mostly under-educated, under-supported, poor, exploited and used, who make up the largest percentage of the world’s population who worry the most about money.  They are too busy struggling just to get by to have the time or opportunity to make lots of money.

In most modern western societies our social welfare systems ensure that we wouldn’t literally starve to death if we fall on hard times, but in poorer countries starving to death is one of the daily options millions of people are still faced with.   The best we can all do about money is to get rid of the stress and worry around it and what that manifests in our life. Money is not worth wasting the time and energy worrying about. Getting rid of the negative belief system you have unconsciously created about it frees you to attract as much as you need and to buy those things you believe you want.

I found that by stopping worrying or stressing about Money, I always have enough. But more importantly, I have come to know that the things I ‘believed’ I needed to make me happy were in fact just my mind creating a false picture of those things I saw other people with and ‘assuming they were happy’, believing that what they had would make me happy too.  


In ‘Wealth Beyond Belief’  I teach you our simple 'Emmote' process that shows you to get rid of the 'beliefs' 'keeping you trapped in ‘poverty consciousness' so you stop worrying and feeling ashamed about your financial situation.
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