Lady Gaga - "Surrounded By Fans - But So Alone"

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Lady Gaga - "Surrounded By Fans - But So Alone"

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I don't waste my money buying glossy magazines, apart from the great design and the glossiness of them, they usually bore the pants off me! All those lipsticks, each promising to make our lips look like Angelina Jolie! Fat chance of that unless we subject ourselves to Botox! All those expensive moisturisers that swear to take ten years off our face!

The fact is that they use 14 year old models to advertise their latest miracle product. Not much hope for me then, although I wasn’t bad looking at 50 even if I do say so myself. Anyway I digress, I was at the doctors the other day and I saw an article on Lady Gaga – sounds a bit like reverting back to childhood speech when you say her name doesn’t it?

So this article went and I quote verbatim; “Lady Gaga The Most Powerful Pop-Star In The World – sparked hysteria among her devoted Australian fans in her recent tour, but her heartbreaking confession shows that behind the costumes and make-up is an incredibly lonely young woman whose hope of finding love is dwindling.

“There is no hope for me” she admits “I find romance in the pearls I slept with in my hands last night because I feel so lonely". Although surrounded by a circus of stylists, minders and back-up dancers she has not true friend by her side. “It’s like the more famous she gets, the more isolated she gets” says a source. Really, she obviously did not study other rich and famous people before she decided to thrill the world with her younger, fitter act of Madonna. Although I must say I do think she has a better singing voice.

GaGa says she’s “Just trying to change the world one sequin at a time” and with a wardrobe she showed off in Sydney last week we think she’s succeeded!”. Lady GaGa’s net earnings a year are $65 million which make that total about $185 million to date. Not bad for a 26 year old who sometimes looks decidedly weird! If this puts off prospective suitors then who can be blamed for her feeling so lonely? And GaGa, you’re still so young and have lots of time to find Mr. Right and hopefully live happily ever after amongst all your pearls and costumes.

Anyway my main point here is that ‘Money Does Not Buy You a Partner or Stop You Feeling Lonely’. But it does expand your horizons, get you an enormous following and might set you up a secure future, that’s if you look after it, but that applies to everything in life doesn’t it?

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