Cinderella - A Fairytale Romance

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Cinderella - A Fairytale Romance

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Cinderella - A Fairy-tale Romance

If you're a mother of girls you've probably read this well-known fairy-tale to your daughter? Well most girls know how the story ends as we were raised on it as children, but here's just a quick recap for those of you who never read this story (particularly men).

Cinderella was rescued by a ‘PRINCE ON A WHITE HORSE!

who had searched high and low looking for her, who immediately fell in love with her and took her away to his palace, lavished her with gifts and money and loads of the latest fashion shoes, where they both lived happily ever after. How wonderful, how amazing, how unbelievable!

The problem with this fairy-tale is that it is just that a fairy-tale and has no place in the realms of reality.  Another problem with this fairy-tale is that millions of girls truly believe that ‘one day their Prince will come and rescue them’ For Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, this myth actually did come true but unless you are born into royalty, the chances of most girls meeting a real-life prince are practically non-existent.

In the meantime we meet a nice man but like most men, he doesn't have all the attributes of Prince Charming

The status, prestige, money, a palace -  or even a white horse - so we either discard him out of hand, or grow to hate him because he can't meet our beliefs about being the ‘Perfect Man’ We grow critical and nagging and try to change him to make him into what we dreamed of, but, he’s just an ordinary guy, trying to love us, live with us and help us make ends meet, but that’s not good enough for us.

So if you've always seemed to attract the ‘wrong man’ or are still hanging around waiting for your Prince Charming to come, you probably need to get rid of the beliefs you created around this story so that you’ll know when your second-best-to-Prince Charming arrives at your door, perhaps not with a glass slipper, but with his heart in his hands.

Our 'Emmote' process can help you catch a real-life Prince– and keep him.Or you can just spend the rest of your life dissatisfied and unhappy with what you've got!

Just hop over to our Contacts Page to claim your FREE ONE HOUR Skype or One-On-One Session and let us show you how to be ecstatically happy with your less then perfect Prince Charming. 

I'd love to hear your comments on how you got your 'Prince Charming' and how you have kept him, or by believing The Cinderella Myth you still haven't found him.


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