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Just wanted to apologise to all my subscribers for being absent from my website for such a long time. The reason is I’ve been sick, yes, diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which to say the least came as a shock as I never expected to become nearly crippled with pain 24 x7.

I suspect this came about as the result of the Staph infection I picked up after my foot operation over two years ago, months of antibiotics, a wheelchair because I couldn’t put any weight on the foot until the bone regrew and to tell you the truth I have never felt really well since.  It’s been a trial to say the least.

I had dreams of growing old disgracefully, still traveling around the world, living in Bali half the year, doing my Workshops and Training Courses and working with underprivileged Balinese children. I still have these dreams yet my body is weak and fragile and in constant pain. Perhaps once summer is here things will improve and I’ll get back on track again. Until then I wish you all happiness beyond belief.







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