Core Belief No. 5 – "Nobody Loves Me"

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Core Belief No. 5 – "Nobody Loves Me"

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In his best-selling book Biology of Belief’ Neuroscientist Bruce Lipton writes; ‘The mere thinking of positive thoughts will not necessarily have any impact on our lives at all. In fact some people who ‘flunk’ positive thinking become more debilitated, because now they think they and their situation is hopeless. They believe they have exhausted all body/mind remedies.’

The reason why this doesn’t work for the vast majority of us is that our 'negative beliefs' undermine our positive thoughts and affirmations: Here’s an example;

Goal: A New Relationship

Positive Thinking/Affirmations might go something like this: "I Am Loved; I Am Wanted; I Deserve To Be Loved; I Am A Wonderful Person; I Love Myself; I Deserve A Great Relationship.  However, affirmations require continual effort and they operate on the basis of the 'Law of Opposites'.  There's nothing wrong with that per se, but it does not fundamentally alter the state of mind or remove the underlying beliefs. In order to do that we must use the ‘Law of Similars’!

If we have, say, the negative belief “Nobody loves me” , we can go around affirming ''Everyone loves me" (The Law of Opposites) until we are blue in the face, but the reality is ‘that everyone can't love us’! So what we really need to do is eliminate the negative belief “Nobody loves me”. When we eliminate “Nobody loves me” by the Law of Similars - the one destroys the other, creating a new energy.

Then “Nobody loves me”, ceases to exist in our unconscious programming!  When we try to remember the awful negative thoughts/feelings attached to this belief we discover they have completely disappeared!! Try as we might we can never get back the feeling “Nobody loves me” again, in fact it sounds ridiculous even saying it.

So say we want a new relationship but have the negative beliefs:  “I Am Alone; I Am Unwanted; Nobody Cares About Me; Nobody Loves Me”.

Positive Thinking - the Law of Opposites - will certainly attract someone to us. However because of our negative beliefs we will attract someone who will initially appear to have all the traits and qualities we programmed for. However when the ‘honeymoon period is over, our ‘perfect mate’ turns out to be not quite so perfect. In fact, our imagined Mr. /Ms. Right is turning out to be the same as all the previous Mr. /Ms. Right’s we have attracted throughout our life.

What happened? Like all magnetically charged energy that attracts ‘like to like’- on a subconscious level - way below the depths of our conscious awareness - our hidden negative beliefs have been secretly sabotaging our best efforts to alter our energy by ‘trying to change’ our conscious thoughts and programming with positive thinking and affirmations!  Because it’s the "Law of Opposites' at work.

Our negative beliefs have created a negative energy field; i.e. negative thoughts + feelings, and have attracted a person who will validate our negative beliefs. They have to, they can’t help it. It’s like an invisible energy field that says “Nobody Loves Me”, so we have to keep picking people who will mirror that back to us.  It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy. Why do we do this?

Perhaps our parents had an unhappy relationship so we will unconsciously ‘believe’ that there is no such thing as a ‘happy relationship’ and subconsciously decide we don’t want one.  On a conscious level we dream of nothing better than having someone to love and who loves us, to have a family with and grow old in their arms. However, because our subconscious programming believes that all the information we have about 'unhappy relationships' is true, we will attract people who will validate our beliefs.

So that person, who we believed to be perfect turns out to be the philandering, cold, uncaring and untrustworthy jerk we believed our father was, or the controlling, dominating and unfeeling bitch we believed our mother was. Interestingly, when we split up and he/she finds someone else, they appear once again to be like that wonderful person we met. Their relationship with their new partner is wonderful and they marry within months of meeting. Which leaves us wondering, How did that happen?”, “Why me?”, “How could he/she be so happy with her/him when he/she wasn't with me?” “What’s wrong with me?”! What is wrong with you is your negative beliefs!  Your ex-partner’s new partner does not have the negative beliefs around relationships that you have, so they don’t unconsciously sabotage the relationship like you do!

Our negative beliefs subtly and subconsciously sabotage all our efforts, dreams and aspirations and our positive thinking. Getting rid of them frees us to have a life at choice, and to have that wonderful relationship we all so long for and deserve. Can you believe it? No more Mr/Ms Wrong’s, no more disappointing relationships, fear of intimacy and loneliness.

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