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Stupid“For most of my life I owned the belief “I am stupid”.

There has been plenty of evidence to contradict this belief throughout my life, but nonetheless I believed it for forty years! To qualify why I was ‘not actually stupid’, I have set-up, owned and managed several successful businesses including three successful recruitment agencies, eBay stores and created this website;  ‘Happiness - Beyond Belief’, about which I have built this website and authored my eBook 'Wealth - Beyond Belief' - which you can buy through this website. And although I have achieved all these things, what I really wanted was to be a Doctor, but because of my stupid beliefs, never thought I had the chance of making it. We can only reach as far as our beliefs allow us.

This is how I got my “I am stupid belief.  I was nine years old I and in sewing class at school working on a child’s dress, when somehow I cut a minute hole in the fabric. I panicked, I didn't know what to do, it had taken me weeks to get to this stage and now I had ruined it!  What should I do? Just sew over the mistake and hope the teacher wouldn't notice or tell her the truth and see if she could find a solution to the problem.

I opted for the truth and went to show my teacher the mistake I had made. I will never forget the way she looked at me and that she said in front of the class“ You stupid, stupid girl”, and that I was clumsy and I had totally ruined my work. I felt devastated. The feelings of shame, humiliation and rejection were overwhelming.

After that school became horrible for me. I was always terrified of making another mistake and being criticised and humiliated for it.  I hated going to her class and I began to believe that everything I did ‘had to be perfect’, and to avoid humiliation and shame I had to ‘be the best at everything’. Of course I wasn't,  like most people I was good at some things and not so good at others. However if I wasn't good at something, I would tell myself over and over again that ‘I am stupid’.

Later I knew logically that I was smart, creative and capable, but my brain constantly played a never ending tape telling me that I was stupid  and no amount of telling myself that I was intelligent took away the 'feelings’ of being stupid, clumsy and a failure.

The human mind can hold opposing beliefs; we know we are intelligent and believe that we are stupid. Which are we to believe? Of course we will believe that we are stupid because the negative feelings attached to the stupid belief are far more powerful than the positive feelings attached to the logic that we are intelligent.

Or as Bruce Lipton says in his book - ‘The Biology of Belief’ The subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and wins every time’.

Getting rid of the stupid beliefs I ‘believed to be true’ was amazing for me. I ‘know’ I am smart and the page you are reading now contained in my website only goes to prove how intelligent and creative I am. And you can be too. You can go to university, write a book, build a website, start a business, and become a Chief Executive or an MD or an astronaut. Yes, you can do all these things and more if you get rid of your ‘stupid and failure’ beliefs”.

If you would like to know more about how we get negative beliefs and how to get rid of them, hop over to our Contact Page to claim your FREE ONE HOUR Skype or One-On-One session. You have nothing to lose but your self-limiting stupid, dumb, idiot beliefs!

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