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I hope the information in this website will help you understand that not all we see, experience or feel is true, and that any negative or painful feelings you have could be ‘negative beliefs’ hard-wired into your brain. This is how I found them;

It is the spring (September) 1995 in Perth, Australia, one of the world’s most remote cities, I find myself devastated, alone and struggling to understand why my life is in ruins – again! Even though I spent 25-years trying to heal the emotional, physical pain and self-defeating patterns I kept repeating, I found no permanent solution.

Then in September that year providence found me!  I discovered the ‘Emotional Make-Over Technique’ that was to change not only my own, but hundreds of people’s lives. What I learned on that fateful day was that ‘negative beliefs’ hardwired into my subconscious when I was young were still as true for me as an adult, and it was these that kept me trapped in repeating my self-destructive patterns.

Since then I have researched and studied Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, and hundreds of medical and psychology journals and websites about ‘beliefs’, about the mind and what causes us to ‘believe’ things that turn out to be irrational, mistaken, misinterpreted, imagined or completely false!

What I found and continue to find validates that Emmote, used correctly and regularly completely eliminates the hardwired negative thoughts and feelings from our brain.

I was not to know back in then that I would spend the next eighteen years developing and improving ‘Emmote’ to the point where I would come to truly understand the enormous positive impact it could have on millions of people throughout the world. Or to realise my life’s real purpose of making ‘Emmote’ available worldwide.

For the past nine years we have successfully worked with hundreds of clients, those who were struggling financially, depressed and addicted, many of them who had previously been labelled ‘unfixable’, or ‘mentally ill’.  Some had spent years living with seemingly ‘incurable’ depression or addictions, using drugs and alcohol, food or starvation to further numb them.

Once we had taught them the ‘Emmote’ process they quickly realised their ‘negative beliefs’ was the cause of their self-defeating behaviour and within weeks the need for drugs and other self-defeating behaviours completely disappeared. ‘Emmote’ is so beautiful because it completely eliminates the self-destructive thought patterns and feelings of a lifetime.

Depression and addictions simply fade away, we become calmer, stronger and more self-confident - and the most amazing thing is the ‘Emmote’ process is so simple it can be learned by anyone from 10 years of age, giving us back the life we were supposed to have, a life full of happiness and fulfillment and meaning.

Having removed many of my own destructive and self-defeating beliefs, I share my long experience with you so that you too might enjoy your life without stress, fear, depression and despair.

I wish you well on your journey towards emotional stability and peace of mind.



©Annie Moyes – 2005- 2013- all Rights Reserved

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