What Are Negative Predictions

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"I'm not good enough"

‘Negative Predictions’ are the forecasters of our future and these predictions can create a wonderful or a dreadful life'.

Although consciously we might fantasise/dream/imagine a future filled with love, happiness and success, our subconscious Negative Predictions continually undermine our hopes and dreams. Often, even when we have achieved a measure of success, we can sabotage it or live in fear of losing it all.

This is how subconscious negative predictions work. If we have say, the Base Belief, “I end up with nothing”, we will live in fear of ending up with nothing. This fear drives the thought, “I always end up with nothing” or “I am scared I will always end up with nothing”. It’s the way the brain works. In validation of this belief, we will end up with nothing, because whatever we believe will come true in our reality.

Think about the times when we want to do something that we feel passionate about and how we can literally ‘imagine’ it in our minds;

We ‘imagine’ ourselves running an Olympic Marathon, we can visualise the race in all its glorious detail, we see the crowds cheering us on and picture ourselves breaking the tape when we come first and even feel the thrill of standing on the top step of the winner’s podium.

We ‘imagine’ ourselves climbing Mt. Everest, painstakingly, agonisingly hacking our way through the snow and ice, we ‘see’ ourselves standing on the summit, exhausted but exhilarated, we can even ‘see’ the newspaper articles proclaiming that we reached the top.

We ‘imagine’ ourselves wining a ‘Nobel Prize’ as a pioneering doctor travelling the world saving the lives of those poor souls who can’t afford hospitals treatment or medication. All these things we dream, but how many of us actually realise our dreams?

Reflect upon the thousands of dollars we have spent on unused gym and club memberships, golf clubs, scuba, climbing and gym equipment, photographic gear and fishing rods that are still sitting in our closets waiting to be used, mocking us with our failure and our laziness.

How many times do we start something only to give up at the first hurdle because we unconsciously believe; ‘It‘s too hard’, ‘I can’t do it, ‘I’m not smart enough’ or ‘I won’t be able to afford it’. So we give up and go back to our familiar scripts and continue to berate ourselves for being ‘losers’, ‘worthless’, or that  we’re ‘just not good enough’.

All these negative predictions are the self-sabotaging beliefs that stop us achieving what we want. We predict our future based on our past experiences and very often the memories of these past experiences are flawed.

As old reel to reel films are viewed, we remember our past through the eyes of the child, and as children we imagined things about ourselves and the world that were based on incorrect or biased information but believed them to be true. But we can eliminate these insidious predictions that stop us from getting where we want to go by learning the ‘Emotional Make-Over Technique’.

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