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"I’m Just Not Good Enough!"

I'm Just Not Good Enough

Have you ever had these kinds of thoughts when thinking of applying for a new job?

“There will be loads of applicants better qualified then me. Even though I have the experience the company needs, they‘re bound to take someone with a degree. My qualifications won’t be good enough".

"It’s bound to be a waste of my time as there will be a written test and I am useless at tests and I know I will fail. I never get the job I really want anyway; I always lose out to people who are better or more qualified than me".

"The problem is, I have no self-confidence and my communication skills are terrible and this obviously comes across at job interviews. I am sure they can pick up my fear of failing".

"I 'm such a failure! Why am I so stupid as to think that I could get this job? It will probably be much too hard for me anyway. I’ll have to work long hours and I’m tired already just thinking about it".

"The job sounds fantastic, I’ve always wanted a job like this, but I know I won’t get it. What’s the point of even going for the interview?”

If you have ‘negative beliefs’ that undermine your motivation and desire to have what you want, even if you know they have the experience and potential to do the job,  you will sabotage your chances on interview or will find an excuse to cancel it, or just not go at all thus validating your ‘I am a failure’, and ‘I am not good enough’ beliefs.

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