Being Right

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" The ego is so tied to being right that later on in life you are reluctant to accept that you are ever wrong, because you are defending not the idea but your self-esteem. This terror of being wrong means that people have enormous difficulties in changing ideas" - Edward De Bono

Thinking about this 'Having to Be Right' syndrome let’s take a look at 'being right’ in today’s world.

Those of us who were lucky enough to be born into a society where we can virtually take for granted that our basic needs will be met do not have to struggle for survival - we might feel we do - but that’s just a belief.  If you're looking at this website, then let’s assume you can afford a computer and the energy to drive it and have not starved to death in order to buy it.

Let us ask some questions here:  What would happen to you right now, if you found out you had been wrong about some of the things you had ‘believed’ to be right your whole life?

  • Would you die?
  • Would you be able to admit to the fact that you have or might have been wrong?
  • Would you feel angry that you had been coerced into believing in things that were not true?
  • Would you feel guilty or ashamed that your ‘having to be right’ had a serious negative impact on others in your life?
  • Would you become angry and feel threatened that your belief system was under attack?
  • Would you go into a depression or want to kill yourself because your ‘having to be right’ has harmed others?
  • Would you feel guilty that your ‘having to be right’ has caused the breakdown of your marriage, your family or home?
  • Would you feel remorse or sorrow that our ‘having to be right’ has made you a bigot, or a control freak, or a terrorist or a wife or child beater?
  • Would you feel remorse that your ‘having to be right’ has led you to control, manipulate, coerce, threaten, abuse and frighten others?

The awful thing about ‘having to be right’ is that it closes us up to the future and all its possibilities and keeps us trapped in ‘survival mode’. If you are reading this webpage you are one of the lucky ones who have survived. If you are reading this webpage, you might now be thinking “whoever wrote this is talking a load of claptrap” and cast it aside. That’s because you believe you have to be right!

What's the worst that can happen to you if you had to admit that sometimes you might not have been right? The worst that can happen is that you might have to wear a little egg on your face, withstand a little humiliation, say sorry, or ask for someone's forgiveness. You can face the truth about and admit that sometimes you might have been wrong, that sometimes you have been pig-headed and stubborn and racist and bigoted and opinionated and righteous.If you admit it you will not die. 

We can let others be right, and it won’t kill us.

We can then stop being controlling and angry and manipulative and accept the fact that others opinions or beliefs have nothing to do with who we are.

If every person on this planet eliminated the belief “I have to be right”, the world would certainly change overnight.  And wouldn’t that be heaven on earth?

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