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"Did Have To Relearn to Read Before You Read This Blog?"

Did you know our brain automatically saves information so that we don’t have to relearn everything each time we do it? Which is pretty convenient when you think about it!

Imagine having to learn to drive every time you get in your car! Imagine having to learn to read every time you pick up a book or newspaper! Imagine having to learn to eat, speak, walk, and to send a text, to write or play football each time you do it! We’d never get anything done!

Once we learn something by repetition our brain stores the information so we don’t have to keep relearning it! Rather like software programmers writing new programmes who have keep testing it until it does what they want it to do, our brain will keep relearning until we get it right and it becomes hard-wired into our subconscious to be recalled whenever  we need it.

The average person processes over 60,000 separate thoughts per day of which about 95% are automatic. So think about what you do on a daily basis and ask yourself how much of that you ever have to think about. Getting up, showering, getting dressed, driving to work, using a computer, eating lunch etc. Once we've learned something we do it totally unconsciously.

These seemingly ‘thoughtless’ patterns and behaviours are commonly referred to as ‘automatic or mechanical thinking’. Automatic thinking is programmed into our subconscious mind and continues to 'run the show' without the involvement of our conscious mind.

Research by leading universities in the field of cognitive and behavioural science proves the existence of ‘automatic thoughts’, i.e. thoughts that come to mind involuntarily and effortlessly as an automatic response.

The problem with this ‘automatic or mechanical thinking’ is that because we start learning things from the moment we are born, long before our ‘Conscious Mind’ has matured, a lot of the information our brain then was  irrational, incorrect or faulty because we had no ability to reason or apply logic to it.

This ‘misinformation’ was stored in our brain exactly as if it were true!  And it is these thoughts that create the 'beliefs' that ultimately determine whether we will fail or succeed in life.

Our 'beliefs' create our reality and our reality validates our beliefs. Our 'beliefs' also create our perception, opinions, values and judgments and become our habits and patterns, performed automatically without thought about how they affect us, how we see ourselves and others or even life itself.

Getting rid of our 'negative beliefs' stops mechanical negative thinking, so we become more emotionally intelligent and self-aware.  Our brain-fog clears, our problem solving ability increases and we ‘feel’ smarter and more able to learn new things much faster. No more negative mechanical thinking, no more doing things purely by rote, no more compulsive behaviour or denying yourself the opportunity of that college or university degree.

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©Annie Moyes –January 2013- All rights reserved

©Annie Moyes –January 2013- All rights reserved

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