How To Get Rid of Anxiety & Panic Attacks

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Why Are We So Afraid?

When we experience shock or fright, our heart begins pounding, our hands become clammy and start shaking and if sometimes if the shock is really big, we can feel like fainting and sometimes do.

But if we experience regular  Panic Attacks then you’ll know how terrible they feel.  Here are some the symptoms associated with them; there is frequently (but not always) the sudden ‘onset of fear‘ which we are often unable to recall what led to it. This unknown fear leads to a release of adrenaline which brings on the Fight-Flight-Freeze response which prepares our body for imminent threat or danger.

We are often unable to catch our breath which also decreases carbon dioxide levels in the blood. We can also experience a fear or sense of ‘dying’, ‘going crazy’, or believe we’re experiencing a heart attack; we can feel faint or nauseated, a numb sensation throughout the body, or the sense of losing control of ourselves. Anxiety only becomes a disorder when the symptoms become chronic and interfere with our daily lives and affect our ability to function.

Here’s How we Get Our Fear Beliefs:

‘Three year old Sally is in the garden playing, her Mum looks out of the window and sees that Sally has a huge spider walking up her arm. Sally is fascinated with the spider and likes the tickly feel of the spiders’ legs walking on her skin. She had never seen a big spider before and has no fear of it. But her mother is absolutely petrified of them!

She rushes into the garden yelling at Sally to get that horrible thing off her. In sheer panic she smacks Sally's arm hard to knock the spider off. She screams at Sally that she should never play with spiders, they could kill her and she must never go near them again! Sally starts crying, not only has she been smacked for no apparent reason, her mother's fear and panic has frightened her badly and she feels she has done something wrong.

Eventually they calm down and after a while Sally ‘forgets’ the incident. However the imprinted negative beliefs will remain with her for the rest of her life buried deep in her subconscious.As an adult, each time Sally sees a spider she will instantly re-experience the fear she felt in that early incident. She might feel her heart begin pounding; she might have a full-blown panic attack.However the memory of that incident presents itself, Sally will always fear and loathe spiders, even though she might not remember the incident that created the negative beliefs in the first place’.

We have worked with many clients who suffered from Anxiety Disorder or Panic Attacks and on further investigation found that they all had suffered some negative trauma in childhood (like Sally)  which was programmed into their subconscious and had become hardwired into their subconscious.

Because of a car accident early in life, one client was terrified of driving and had to depend on other people to drive her, which made her nearly house-bound and unable to take her children to school or to sport which made her feel guilty and ashamed.

Another client was terrified of falling asleep because she re-experienced the same feeling of terror she felt when as a child she had several serious operations and believed she was going to die when given the anesthetic. 

Their negative predictions and fear beliefs kept them trapped in a world of terror, petrified of driving, socialising, parenting, working and even of life.

Eliminating our negative anxiety and fear beliefs removes panic attacks and frees us to get back fully into life. Can you believe it? No more anxiety, no more panic attacks and no more fear?If you would like a FREE ONE HOUR Skype or One-On-One session use our Contacts Form to write to us. You have nothing to lose but your fear and anxiety.

We 100% Guarantee It Or Your Money Back!

Our unique ‘Emmote’ process works deep at cellular level by totally removing the ‘negative thoughts and feelings’ that create a ‘negative belief’. It also severs the hardwired synapses in our brain between the thought and the feelings, eliminating them. Completely! Permanently!

And because we teach you how to use the ‘Emmote’ process we empower you with the knowledge and tools to help yourself whenever anything negative comes up for you in the future.

Our ‘Emmote’ process is so powerfully life changing we 100% Guarantee it or we will give you your money back.




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