Never Give Up!

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Never Give Up!

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It's been a funny old year, full of ups and downs. Mainly because I became very ill back in January and have been working my way back to health ever since.

It was one of those strange viral things that come out of the blue and wreak havoc on our body. Nobody knew what was wrong; it took two months and a 3 week stay in hospital before a Neurologist advised I had damaged Vagus Nerves - whatever they were!!  When I realised how much of our body these very long and important nerves control and was told, "There is no cure, you'll just have to wait until they regenerate", I was appalled!

So that's IT? I just have to sit and wait, feeling like death warmed up until the nerves grow back! No cure they said - "bugger that” I said, so in my usual willful  determined way I set out to prove there was a cure and I was going to find it. And I DID!! 

Once the dizziness and fainting and tremors had gone and because the Vagus Nerves control the actions of the voice box, thyroid and the stomach, the worst symptoms were that I had virtually lost my voice, which is vital for my work and it seemed my Amygdala was on high alert 24/7 and dumping adrenalin continually into my bloodstream. It felt like there were a million bees/flies/wasps/butterflies doing a continual dance in there, hobnailed boots and all which was a horrible, relentless feeling that left me feeling exhausted and emotionally triggered by anything even remotely sad or upsetting and I would cry at the drop of a hat.  

After homeopathy and other alternatives healing, none of which seemed to work, I was idly flicking through TV channels one night in June and the documentary 'Changing your Mind’ happened to be showing. I had seen this film before having been studying how our brain works for years.  Because Our beliefs are so deeply embedded in our mind I had realised a long time ago that our Emmote programme helps rewire the brain, but watching it again triggered something else for me and I had that 'light-bulb' moment that Neurofeedback might help regenerate my Vagus Nerves. 

I 'internetted' it and although there was no data to prove that Neurofeedback cured physical symptoms, I emailed a local Neurofeedback Therapist and asked her if she could help. She replied she had never worked with the Vagus Nerves before and had no idea whether it would help me, but was willing to give me a free session to try it out. Bless her!

It has been a 'suck it and see' experiment, but over the past few months we have learned what made it worse and what made it better. I am now happy to report, not only that the Vagus nerves seem to be responding, but the chronic back pain associated with Arthritis has lessened by about 60%! So all in all a very worthwhile process. So with the aid of powerful Glutathione capsules, large doses of Vitamin C and Neurofeedback I am just about there! Yeah...

And even though I have been sick I still managed to see some clients, write articles, work on our Facebook page and my website and started writing my new eBook, ‘Happy, Healthy, Wealthy’ which should be completed in a few weeks.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me throughout, who have read and shared my articles and posts and who have sustained me enough to keep going through the past 12 months especially Annette Anderson, kind friends and of course Barb French my dear sister who has always been there for me, in sickness and health. I think 2013 is going to be wonderful. Blessings to you all.

©Annie Moyes – 1st January 2013




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  1. This informitaon is off the hizool!

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