How I Cured My Depression And Fybromalgia Without Drugs

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How I Cured My Depression And Fybromalgia Without Drugs

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 Curing Depression & Fibromyalgia Without Drugs

When I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression in 1998 I was incredulous. I had spent twenty years using alternative healing  to deal with my childhood ‘issues’ without going down the mainstream Psychiatric  road, a path I had decided I would never travel.

Back then I was known as the ‘Positive Affirmation/Thinking Queen’ because I believed that positive affirmations and positive thinking would heal my emotional wounds. It didn’t. Nothing did. After all these years, I still felt empty and utterly despairing.

Defeated, I finally gave in and decided to seek Psychiatric help. In one session my Psychiatrist told me I was ‘Clinically Depressed and that I should consider going into hospital for intensive treatment! I immediately thought she was a  trying to tie me into a life of therapy, drugs and long-term hospital care.  I already felt empty, and here I was being offered drugs to anesthetise my feelings! My mind was already quite capable of that thank you.

Often called the eternal optimist’ my immediate reaction to her suggestion was "No, I don't think so".  Psychology labels this ‘false optimism’ as Repression’. Repression of feelings is the ‘mental cauterising of emotional pain’. All I can say is that it was just as well I am an optimist or I wouldn't be here today writing this. However, it was this diagnosis that made me realise that perhaps I was in ‘denial’.

All my life I had been a great actress, so good in fact I fooled most people that I was fine, including myself. However it was the often overwhelming feelings of loneliness and a deep unutterable grief that came crashing down upon me when no-one was around to see my 'act' that would alert me to the fact that all was not well. When this happened I would feel sorry for myself, cry for an hour or two and then tell myself off and pull myself together.

I realised after studying Psychology, that if we don't ‘feel our feelings’ we lose the capacity to feel anything. We become a shell of a person. Worse still, however much we deny these feelings they are always waiting in the shadows, hanging over our heads like Damocles Sword, ready to pierce our hearts at any moment. These unexpressed feelings can manifest in addictions, obsessions and chronic sickness which was what happened to me.

In 2001 whilst living an idyllic life in France, I contracted a lethal virus and became so ill I could barely function. I was diagnosed with infectious Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, told it was incurable and that I would have to suffer it for the rest of my life.

At this news I became extremely depressed. I had no defences left to protect me from the emotional pain I had been denying for most of life. I prayed every night for death to come and release me from both this agonising physical pain and the unbearable emotional roller-coaster it had unleashed. It didn't. I was suicidal.

For many months not a day went by when I did not contemplate killing myself. The only thing that stopped me was the thought of the affect this act of ‘self-annihilation' would have on my family. In 2003 returned to Australia determined that I would find a cure and heal myself.

Twelve years on I am still very much alive and am no longer depressed or have Fibromyalgia, and I now know that most depression and sickness is not a ‘disease’ in itself. It is formed from a set of ‘negative beliefs’ created when we are young, and it is our denial of them that creates the ‘feelings of depression’.

It probably seems too simple when said like that, but having rid myself of the negative beliefs attached to the experiences and traumas of my childhood, I am totally free of the feelings of depression and the pain of Fibromyalgia.

I didn't take anti-depressants or go into hospital to achieve this remarkable shift in my emotions. Both the emotional and physical pain gradually disappeared as I removed the negative beliefs attached to it and how by eating acid free foods helps eliminate the pain in our body.  And for the past nine years I have taught hundreds of people how to do the same, which has transformed their lives too.

I think my Psychiatrist would be proud that I refused to accept the conventional path of treatment and found an alternative ‘path less travelled’  in my pursuit of emotional healing. Unfortunately I cannot tell her of my journey as she died aged 54. I am however eternally grateful to her that her diagnosis challenged me to keep looking for other ways to heal myself.

I would love to hear your from you if  you have been diagnosed with Depression or Fibromyalgia and what you are doing to overcome it. Or if you are still suffering, you might like to take advantage of a Free One Hour Skype session from anywhere in the world to see if ‘Emmote’ could work for you. Just head over to our Contacts Page and drop us a message, we will get back to you.

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