About Annie- A Short Biography

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About Annie- A Short Biography

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Annie Moyes is a Joint Partner and Belief Counsellor in ‘Beyond Belief Personal Development’. She is a Facilitator and Coach in 'Emmote' Training.  She is also the Author of ‘Wealth – Beyond Belief’ an eBook that teaches readers how to eliminate their self-limiting ‘negative belief system’ about money.

As Joint Owner of Beyond Belief Personal Development  as well as throughout her extraordinary (long) career, Annie has displayed the passion, adaptability, determination, and perseverance vital to being proclaimed among the best in her field.

‘Beyond Belief Personal Development’ is the company that developed their unique self-development technique ‘Emmote’ or the ‘Emotional Make-Over Technique’. The program is based on childhood experience and specifically eliminates the negative thoughts and feelings that create depression, anxiety, addictions and low self-esteem in adulthood.

‘Emmote’ completely eliminates eating disorders, fear, anger and relationship issues created by the ‘negative beliefs’ programmed into the unconscious and carried from childhood. Emmote has been used by hundreds of people who were previously labelled ‘unfixable’ or ‘beyond help’.

With a previous 25-year career as Owner of several Recruitment Agencies Specialising in the Advertising and Design industries in Australia, USA and Europe - Top Drawer Recruitment, Hire Performers and Switch Careers - Annie has had a varied and interesting career, has lived and worked in the USA, France, Germany and Australia and has previously worked in Recruitment, Fashion and the Music and Entertainment Industries.   

As well as a Relationship Counsellor and Belief Facilitator, a Life and Career Coach and a qualified Hypnotherapist, Annie continues to help people in numerous ways, employing her abilities to constantly develop new techniques.  

Her goal is to help people transform their lives, become more self-confident, and enjoy life through the benefits of the ‘Emmote’ technique. Her leisure moments are dedicated to research and writing in order to enrich and expand her knowledge.

Annie is a Certified Counselor and a Clinical Hypnotherapist and has been recognised by Stanford ‘Who’s Who’ to the prestigious ranks of professionals as a result of her work in the domain of healthcare services.  She is a dedicated Counsellor and Educator, inspired by her own life and a deep understanding of the challenges and obstacles in people’s lives.

“My personal goal is to take 'Emmote' worldwide. For the past ten years I have taught hundreds of clients how to use ‘Emmote’ our unique Self-Development Programme.

My passion is in helping children, teenagers and young adults release their ‘negative beliefs’ so that they grow up without negative pre-conditioning, into positive, free-thinking, compassionate adults who know they can make a difference in the world and will pay-it-forward to future generations.”

I hope you enjoy this website and all that it offers. Please contact me if you would like to know more about our work. I would love to help transform your life too.

Annie Moyes - January 2013







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