Beautiful Beyond Belief Workshop - 2nd May

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Beautiful Beyond Belief Workshop - 2nd May

How often do you give yourself a genuine compliment when you see your reflection? Do you talk kindly to yourself or does this sound more like the conversation in your head?

“I hate my body” “I hate my boobs”, “I hate my bum”, “I hate my thighs”, “I hate my face”, “I am ugly” “I’m not pretty/good looking enough”, “I am too fat/thin”.

Have all the diets, latest health fads, gym memberships and positive affirmations offered little or no relief to the way you feel about yourself….?  Then it’s time to look outside of the box for the answer. Could it be that there actually isn’t anything wrong with you or the way you look?

Did your mother have a positive mindset about her body, or was she always on a diet? Despite telling you that you looked beautiful just the way you were, was she constantly condemning her own self in the mirror? How do you think that impacted your opinion of yourself?

Have you ever considered that the way you feel about yourself could be because you believed the hype the media has fed to you about the way you ‘should’ look and as a result your Self-Esteem and Self-Image has been eroded away.  Then why not change the way you feel instead of believing you have to change the way you look? Changing the way you feel on the inside will completely transform the way you think and feel about yourself forever.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have such great self-image that you can love and accept yourself just the way you are? Wouldn’t it be great to be your unique beautiful self without fear of judgement and criticism? Wouldn’t it be a relief to finally stop beating yourself up for the way you look?

If you get rid of the negative beliefs you built around your self-image you will become a person free and with choice, to wear what you want, to choose a healthy mind and body, to look after yourself and your body and learn to love yourself just the way you are.

Our simple ‘Emmote’ programme will help you break free from your negative beliefs, rebuilding your Self-Esteem and Self-Image so you can step confidently out into the world embracing your own uniqueness and individuality.

No more low self-esteem, no more hating the way you look and no more diets or cosmetic surgery, no more tears when choosing an outfit or fear when taking it off in front of someone at the end of the night!

The change in perception about the way you look will have a knock on effect with your daughters, nieces and friends. You will be inspiring them and handing down a powerful, uplifting and nurturing way of being, where they learn to embrace their bodies which will save them from a lifetime of self-loathing.


What you will learn:

• In this one day workshop you will discover what YOUR ‘false beliefs’ about your body are and how YOU got them in the first place!
• You will learn how and why these beliefs are keeping you stuck in the past and holding you back from having a healthy relationship with yourself and your body.
• We will teach you the ‘Emmote ©’ technique, which has been specifically developed to permanently – YES, PERMANENTLY remove those beliefs from your subconscious, allowing you to truly love the skin you are in.No more positive affirmations, no more convincing yourself – just true authentic self love and respect.
• You will be introduced to the application of the ‘Emmote ©’ technique to all the other areas of your life in which false beliefs are holding you back from the life you want.

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself as a whole and complete woman EXACTLY the way you are? Then this workshop is not to be missed.

Investment - $225
Bring a friend - $400 for two (double ticket must be purchased at the time of booking)

What's included:
All course materials
Light morning/afternoon Tea
Beautiful free gifts!

What to bring:
Comfortable clothes

Contact Tracy Cleary - at Happiness Beyond Belief on ; 0401 403 806
or email;   tracy.emmote @outlook. com for more information

Beautiful-Beyond Belief is a ladies only workshop, facilitated by (female) trained practitioners from Happiness Beyond Belief (HBB). We at HBB have the upmost respect for your privacy and endeavour to create a safe and comfortable space for you to discover your true self.



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