Why Does Our Brain Validate our Negative Beliefs?

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Why Does Our Brain Validate our Negative Beliefs?

Because our brain tends to use one fixed, automatic, repetitive pattern to keep us from feeling the pain connected to the ‘negative belief’, say “I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH", it’s impossible for us to 'unthink it', as it is stored in the unconscious vault and we will forever believe that we are not good enough.

Unfortunately, having someone say to us “You’re really good at this” would also connect us to the same belief, so the same automatic belief comes in to block both positive and negative messages. This is generally called a denial!

To add to the problem, whatever our ‘negative beliefs’ about ourselves might be, they will unconsciously attract the kind of people whose behaviour and lifestyle fits in with, or validates our negative beliefs, as if we had a sign above our head inviting the very people who will trigger those beliefs to come in and do just that!

Here's a question; "How many rich people to do you know who have poor people as friends"?

It's strange isn't it that we seem to stick to the same type of people as ourselves. A lot of poorer people rationalise that they don't like rich people. Say they’re 'stuck up' and snobbish and they would never want to be like them. It’s funny then that most poor people envy those better off and want to be rich isn't it? Our beliefs about being poor keep us trapped into staying poor. making us resentful of the wealthy.

Here’s a true story;

At a party, a very attractive woman enters the room. There are several single males who give her the once-over. A short time later, one of these men approaches her. He appears friendly enough and it seems they have several things in common and after spending the rest of the evening together, they decide to make a further date to go out. They quickly ‘fall in love’ and months later they get married and suddenly Mr. Right turns out to be a wife beater. Out of all those men who were available to her at that party, how did she unconsciously ‘choose’ the man who would turn out to be abusive, just like her father?

So now you know why a multimillionaire would not mix with a person who has less wealth than he/she.

How could that poor woman have known that the man she ‘fell in love with’ would put her in the hospital?

The reason for these behaviours is called 'no-choice'. Your brain is already hard wired with "I am poor" and 'Men abuse me" - we have to play into our own beliefs.

Here's another question. If you had the opportunity to do anything at all with your life, would you be doing what you are doing now? Would you be with the partner you have now? Can’t decide yes or no? Perhaps you want to change them in some way? They are not good enough for you?  Your boss is a tyrant and a bully? So why are you with that person, or doing something that you have not really chosen?

You have probably heard of the expressions ‘Like attracts like’ or perhaps ‘staying in our comfort zone’. There are several theories that could account for these phenomena. One theory is that we subconsciously emit minute signals that others pick up. Things like imperceptible hand and eye movements, the way we stand, the way we walk, the way we talk etc. what we commonly call "body language"

Another theory is that we have an energy field around us that filters out people just like ourselves. We just seem to feel more comfortable with people that have a similar background, similar tastes and similar beliefs. Does a practising Jew marry a Gentile? Would a Muslim marry a Catholic? It is very unlikely. Their views and beliefs about almost everything are totally different and would make the relationship fraught with problems.

Perhaps it is a mixture of both of these theories. Whatever the cause, is seems almost predictable that someone coming from a poorer background is less likely to become really wealthy than another person who comes from a wealthier background.  And it is not always because the wealthier person has been left money. And it is predicable that we unconsciously choose a partner who ends up having the same traits as our parent(s) that we hated and desperately wanted to escape.

We can’t help it, it’s the way our brain mechanically works. Whatever is buried within the trillions of neural pathways and millions of memories stored in our unconscious we have come to believe them to be true and instinctively, impulsively, irrationally create our ‘story’ from them and then set out to make our story become reality.

Once we begin to remove our ‘negative beliefs’ we can then start to live a life at choice, making it easier to attract wealth, love and happiness into our lives.



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